top 5 best cycling gloves you deserve them actually

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Do you only wear gloves when it’s cold out? Have you ever experienced a slippery grip and unstable handling due to your sweaty hands? Have you ever experienced serious hand injuries? Then a pair of gloves is a must for optimum comfort as well as protection from wind, sun, rain and possible accidents when biking. Some people assume that gloves are just a cold-weather accessory. In fact, cyclists wear cycling gloves all year round as a matter of course to take a safer and more enjoyable ride.

What are the functions of cycling gloves?

Wearing a good pair of gloves not only can make you look and feel cool but also have the following benefits.

The constant friction of handlebars moving against your hand for a long time, especially when your hands are damp with sweat is likely to cause blisters which will quickly make you cycling a much less pleasurable experience. When you start to fall, your instinct tells you to put a hand out to break the impact as you hit the ground. However, the hands are one of the most difficult parts of your body to repair and once your hands get injured, it will cause inconvenience to your daily life. Thus wearing a pair of cycling gloves to give you the protection you need to save your hands is of great importance. Wearing cycling gloves can not only reduce friction between your hands and handlebars to prevent blisters, chafing and other discomforts but also can dampen vibrations to prevent finger or hand numbness which result from pressure on the ulnar nerve in your hand and wrist. So it’s worthwhile to wear a pair of cycling wearing a good pair of cycling gloves gloves when you are cycling to help avoid skin damage.

When you are riding your bike for a couple of hours or more, you will find cycling can be pretty painful on your hands. Hands for handle bar are one of the contact points in cycling and they receive the vibration stress from the sudden road shock and prolonged pressure against handlebars. Even though this kind of comfort can be lessened by riding position to some extent, wearing a pair of padded gloves is more than useful to increase comfort. There are pads in the cycling gloves to absorb the vibration and lessen the transfer to the hand and arms. So, just wear a pair of cycling gloves to give your skin extra protection you need to stay comfortable if you value comfort while cycling.

As we all know, riding a bike outside for considerable distance can make our whole body pretty sweaty which means our hands are wet too, especially in warm and humid days. This can cause a slippery grip and eventually unstable handling. Without wearing a pair of cycling glove, you are more likely to make an avoidable mistake. This is the reason why cycling gloves are designed with textured palm and grippy trigger. A good pair of cycling gloves can help your hands dry to provide the extra grip on the handlebars and enable you to have a better control of your bike. So a pair of good cycling gloves is worth investing if you tend to sweat a lot.

Wool gloves are usually used to keep the hands warm when cycling in cold weather. It’s easy to lose heat through your hands when you gripping the cold handlebars with your hands exposed to weather. A good pair of gloves can protect your hands from cold and evaporative cooling when you are riding a bike. Even if in summer, wearing a pair of gloves can also leave your exposed fingers to vent heat. In extremely cold weather, just add a pair of glove liners.

How many types of cycling gloves?

Generally speaking, cycling gloves come into 2 key types, one is long finger and the other is the short finger. Short finger gloves, known as mitts are ideal in warm weather. They offer great breathability and ventilation due to being fingerless. While long finger gloves are ideal for commuting, recreational riding and on-road fitness training with the improved thermal insulation and more padding.types of cycling gloves

How to choose a pair of cycling gloves that fits you best?

Fits is of great importance when choosing a pair of cycling gloves. Your gloves should fit snugly without being too restrictive or too loose. If the gloves are too tight, it will tend to restrict blood flow. If the gloves are too loose, it will cause blisters as your hands slip around inside. The gloves which are loose on the fingers and fit comfortably around the palm are best. Besides, you should also consider the length of the gloves because the fingertips can become very cold if the length of the gloves is not long enough. Here I will give some tips on how to measure your hands to find the gloves that fit you best.

Firstly, you should measure your dominant hand with a tape-measure
Then remember to keep your hand flat and use a tape-measure to get the circumference of your palm.
At last, you should measure below the knuckles exclude your thumb.
Here I would like to recommend top 5 best full- finger cycling gloves 2017 for you.

1.Zookki Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Road Racing Bicycle Gloves Light Silicone Gel Pad Riding Gloves Touch Recognition Full Finger Gloves Men/Women Work Gloveszookki cycling gloves

These gloves are designed to provide comfortable compression and support for all sports lovers with a relatively cheap price. They are made of lycra fabric which has great elastic can absorb the shock and reduce numbness on the bumpy road effectively. There is a silica gel pad in palm working as a buffer layer to ease your palm fatigue and reduce the probability of skipping in riding. Besides, there is reflective piping on hand surface for optimum visibility and safety nightly. One of the most interesting features of their own is touch recognition and tailor in 3 dimensional, which enables you to use your smart- phone and all kinds of touchable control electronic products easily.

2.4ucycling Touch-screen Multi-function Gel Padded Super Breathable Cycling Gloves4ucycling cycling gloves

These cycling gloves are quality trustworthy and high-cost performance. These gloves which made of leather that is soft and durable by design aren’t likely to cause any Palm stress usually related to wearing cycling gloves. Because of the 3 layers of solid silica gel palm pad, they relieve pressure on the nerves and increase blood flow to eliminate the finger numbness while providing great comfort and grip at the same time. The upper end of the middle fingers is skid- resistant to increase the friction between the gloves and handlebar. Besides, it’s also easy to use your smartphone when wearing them. Apart from using for riding, they can be also used for hiking, fishing, trips and other activities. They are indispensable for all seasons and more fit for someone who is easier sweating and heat intolerance.

3.Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Glovesinbike 5mm gel pad cycling glove

Thanks to the extra padding with thickening EVA cycling gloves at palm part, they provide you with a buffer layer to easy palm fatigue while riding the bike. Because of the superfine fabric palms, they provide slip- proof performances. The fabric of this bicycle gloves fingers inside part is terry cloth which allows a speedy sweat release and offers you a cooling experience at the same time. Furthermore, with the Low-profile Velcro closure at wrist part, you can adjust the tightness and give you the best fit. They are suitable for spring summer and fall.

4.FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves Bike Bicycle MTB DH Downhill Off Road Glovefirelion unisex outdoor gel touch screen cycling gloves

These gloves provide maximum comfort and coverage within minimal fatigue in a long time. The reinforced micro metric synthetic leather palm is supple and durable and can relieve pain as well as reduce the numbness. Furthermore, the soft, absorbent thumb is designed for brushing away sweat. The soft gel foam padding across palm pressure zone can enhance hand comfort.

5.Trideer Windproof Cycling Gloves, Mountain Road Bicycle Racing Gloves, with Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Silica Gel GripFIRELION Unisex cylcling gloves

They are all- purpose gloves and suitable for Biking, Motorcycle, Driving, Jogging, Workout, Hiking, and general Workouts. Like the name says, the anti- slip function can provide a good grip, reduce the effect of road vibration, relieve hand fatigue, and avoid stuffiness of Palm even in vigorous exercise. Besides, you can use the smartphone without taking off gloves. Thanks to the high quality yet light weighed microfiber, they allow for a comfortable workout and the Permeable ventilated mesh backing allows sweat to evaporate and hands stay dry.

If you have never worn a pair of cycling gloves while riding, now just have a try. Wearing a good pair of cycling gloves will give you a better experience of cycling.