Top 5 Best Sun-resistance Methods You Are Required to Realize for a Long Cycling Tour

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Summer, the hot and enthusiastic reason, is a great time for cycling. Riding in summer, swaying sweats, and emerging your passions. But during the fervid cycling trip, riders have a strong enemy - the sun. Sun not only give out ultraviolet to hurt people's skin but also twinkle your eyes. So if you want to enjoy the biking trip completely, you should do sun protections well at first. After all, the sun is the major cause of skin cancer. But what are the best and effective sun-resistance methods? Here, I would like to talk about the top best sun-proof ways. And you should realize them.

Apply and reapply sunscreen.
Comparing with other seasons, in summer, the sun rises earlier and higher every day. At that moment, cyclists' ideas should turn to protecting themselves from the sunshine mainly.Undoubtedly, sunscreen is a necessary tool to sun resistance. Before your cycling trip, especially in hot summer, you should apply sunscreen. Spreading it at advance, the skin can absorb it. And then it can act more effectively. During the riding tour, you cannot be lazy and so economic or stingy. Don't worry about wasting the sunscreen. You should apply and reapply it, even if you feel it is unnecessary. Indeed, it needs. Because the sweat would wash it. And the most proper way to apply it is to use it every other hour. Besides, don't forget that your neck, ears, knees and bald patches also need protecting. They are the same vulnerable as your face. Settling where needs to protect, maybe you are curious about the specifications of the sunscreen, such as Sun Protection Factor (SPF). In that moment, you should make a choice according to the real fact. But you have better to choose the one with an SPF higher than you think you need.


Wear the right cycling clothes.
As we all know, the sun is very strong and furious in summer. Apart from the sunscreen, the well right riding clothing also means a lot for sun resistance. Some experienced riders would choose clothes made of tightly woven fabric. Because tightly woven fabrics have a higher sun-protective factor. As for that kind of clothes, you can look for the ultraviolet-protection factor (UPF) rating on your gear. UPF refers to the fraction of UV rays that can pass through the fabric. And higher the UPF is, the better function it can act. Expect for woven fabrics, darker clothes with cotton and spandex can help boost the sun-protective factor on the skin. And the darker colors shield UV rays better than lighter ones. But darker colors tend to retain the heat, so they aren't suitable when you cycle in 90-degree weather. Therefore, tight-knit, dark clothing with some ventilation options can give you a cool riding trip. Of course, long sleeves would much better.


Reform your helmet.
In general, a helmet is responsible for cyclists' safety mainly. But only adding some little things, the helmet also can do well in keeping users away from the sunshine. As for people with thinning hair, they would benefit most. But how to reform the helmet? It is that simple and easy. You need to tuck a bandana under the back of your helmet to cover the back of your neck. Next, wearing a higher-necked shirt, it is perfect. If possible, you can also add one more piece of transparent cloth with high visibility in front of the helmet. It can protect your face, nose, and lip from the sunburn. But much attention must be paid to the clarity and scope of your vision. And be cautious for unexpected accidents.

Cannot miss the hat and sunglasses.
Having worn a helmet, why not need a hat? Maybe many riders would doubt it. In fact, the most susceptible place on your body for skin cancer is your head. so we must protect our head well. And a hat is necessary. Cyclists should wear a thin riding cap under the helmet to prevent the sunburn from the top of the head. Moreover, it is well recognized that people cannot see very clear under the strong sunshine. Without a popularized UV-blocking sunglasses, it is dangerous for people to cycle under the sun. Besides, sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, as well as dust particles in windy days. Seeing sunglasses can practice so many functions, why don't you choose it right now?

sun-resistance in cycling

Mind the sun's schedule.
Riding under furious sunshine, cyclists have better to choose the shaded routes with tree-lined streets or trails. Before you going, it is wise for you to keep the sun's schedule in mind, avoiding the peak hour of sun. According to the geography, the hottest hour is from 11 am. to 4 pm. So riders have better to escape from that period time. If you are going to be outside for extended period of time, you should keep pace with the weather changes. In addition, you also need to do preparation well for these changes. And if you like cycling in that hot period of time, the time for reapplying the sunscreen also need to change. More importantly, before cycling, you should make you adjust to that environment. And in accordance with the sun's schedule, you should exercise you relevant physical power well.

Cycling in summer, strong sunshine would be cyclists' first enemy. What's worse, out of the sun, some people might give up riding in the summer. In fact, it is foolish not to do riding in that season. Don't be afraid of the sun. Once you get some sun-resistance methods, you also can enjoy cycling in the hot summer. And read the top 5 best sun-resistance methods you are required to realize. And then you will gain the wonderful and cool cycling tour again, even if in the summer. Just to do it. Just to enjoy it.