Top 5 cycling places in Singapore: enjoy the scenery on 2 wheels

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Singapore may be a tiny dot on the world map but it is the heaven for cyclists. With the amazing weather, well-maintained network of bike paths, bike sharing system, cycling in Singapore is a good choice to spend your holiday on two wheels. In Singapore, no matter your skill level is zero or Sir Bradley Wiggins, there are plenty of safe cycle routes that meet your needs and fit your level. So get on your bike to the following top 10 cycling routes in Singapore.

1.Pasir Ris Park

This route is best for beginners with the route about 7kms. You take the bus 403 from Pasir Ris MRT to get there and then rent a bike. With the well- maintained track and excellent bicycle rental facilities, biking to Pasir Ris Park will be a wonderful experience. You can enjoy the quiet beach setting, as well as ample shade provided by the sprawling ancient treePasir Ris Parks throughout the park. Besides, you can have a moment commuting with nature and enjoy the beauty of the mangrove forest. This place is perfect for beginners to build up their confidence due to the designated path for cyclists and minimal slopes, humps, and bumps. When you finished cycling, step into the park’s cafes for a bowl of fries and a glass of something to replenish yourself.

2.Kallang River and Marina Bay

If you would like to cycle combining sports with sightseeing in Singapore, then riding around Kallang River and Marina Bay is perfect. You can start your ride at the famous Marina Bay Sands resort and head out over the iconic Helix Bri2. Kallang River and Marina Baydge, then you can enjoy the leisurely ride past the Singapore flyer along with the Kallang river. Make sure to take your cameras because you won’t want to miss the stunning skyline views if you time your ride for sunset. Because the scenery is so romantic, so make sure to lock your bike and go to the Esplanade roof for the Marina Bay Sands Light Show at 8 pm. Besides, take some snacks and drinks with you to enjoy the beautiful scenery because the food and drinks in this city are very expensive.

3.Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park is a place full of water-sports enthusiasts as well as joggers and nature loversBedok Reservoir Park. The 4.3km track that circles the lake is perfect to bike with your children with cool breezes blowing across the reservoir and a mix of pebble path and pavement. You can stop for a picnic here for a cool late afternoon family outing or enjoy any one of the 14,000 recently added wetland plants. With the swallows playing near the water, the diving kingfishers and the herons strolling along the banks, you can spend a wonderful day with your family.

4.Punggol Coastline and Rivers

The route includes the newly opened Coney Island, Punggol Promenade and starts at Punggol Park. Following the well-marked Park Connector signs from PunggoPunggol Coastline and Riversl Park and heading north towards the water and the fantastic sea breezes are a good recommendation. When you are in Punggol, you will be away from traffic and enjoy the sound of birds and the sun on your face. If you don’t own your bike, there is a bike kiosk as Punggol road. Make sure to wear a hat and slap on sunscreen or cycle in the evening because the route isn’t very shady.

5.Bukit Timah MTB Trail

Bukit Timah MTB Trail is one of the first riding trails built for enthusiasts. It offers a wonderful gateway to moBTuntain biking in the tropics. Bukit Timah MTB Trail is generally free of pedestrian traffic. Riding in this trail is not easy because it has a lot of challenging technical steep lung- busting climbs and arduous sharp descents. It’s a true representation of the country’s lush tropical terrain filled with gnarly roots, muddy corners, puddles, rocks and the aromas of the jungle.

Bonus tips for riding in Singapore

Relax! Relax! Relax! Never grip too hard on your handlebars or you will end up with all kinds of related aches and pains. Take your time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Keep to the cycle lanes
For your safety, you should always keep to the cycle lanes. Don’t be in too much danger of knocking down over irate aunties.

Don’t be over confident
You should choose the route according to your skill level. If you haven’t been on a long bike ride before, you should start with some simple route before trying other more challenging routes.

Take safety precaution
For your safety, always wear a hat or helmet. When you ride in traffic, obey the traffic rules and it can also save your money.

Enjoy your route
Whatever you choose, remember to take your time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Stop to breathe the fresh air and take some photos to record the happy moment.