Top 5 Techniques to Avoid Sweating During Your Riding to Work You Are Required to Realize

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Nowadays, with the rapid economic development, people's life is better and better. And more and more people own the private cars. As a result, traffic jam is more and more serious. Under the situation, most salaried employees would like to go to work by other means instead of private cars. And adding the environmental-friendly awareness's popularization, an increasing number of people prefer to ride to work.

Riding to commute to work is an appealing idea, which helps you save time as well as build up your body. And biking to work is an easy but constructive action to protect the environment. Besides, before work, you might have a more calm mind after having a several-minute riding trip. Having a more calm mind, it is likely for you to perform better in work. But it is well acknowledged that bicycle adopts human-power operation way. If you ride too much or too long, you would sweat. That is horrible. Having sweat, riding cannot contribute to your work but worsen your performance. So what should we do to avoid sweating during riding to work? Next, I am going to share 5 techniques to get rid of sweating with you.

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Wake up earlier. Riding to work would burn out some strength. In order to own the mental well - being and physical strength to work, you need some minutes to get recovery. So waking up earlier can guarantee the time for your recovering. In addition, generally speaking, every worker should come to the office ahead about 10-15 minutes of the business data processing. Adding the biking burden, you might need more time to prepare for work. So it is very necessary for you to get out of the bed in the earlier time. Riding to the company, you can spend the extra time cooling off and clean you up. It is normal to get the "helmet hair" after riding. At that moment, you should sprinkle your face with fresh cool water and moisten hair. And if you are used to applying hair gel, please carry it with you and apply it so.

Perfect your clothes and backpack. What you wear also means a lot for avoiding sweating. And experienced riders confirm that wearing a cotton T-shirt is better than a synthetic fabric bike jersey. Out of the material and property, the cotton one can absorb more sweat than the synthetic jersey. So on the ride to work, it is wise for you to wear a cotton T-shirt. But if your cotton clothes are not available, how you should do? Don't be so anxious. Facing the unexpected affair, you just combine a towel and the synthetic bike jersey. Using the towel to spread the shirt out on your bike bag under the desk, it can dry the perspiration. What's more, avoid carrying backpacks or anything similar. These materials make your clothing tight against your upper body and aggrandize your burden. Backpacks would wrinkle the clothes and restrict airflow your torso, preventing the sweat evaporation. And then it would have a bad effect on wind cooling, leading to more sweat or obvious sweat remark on your shirt.

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Slow down your speed and cool down a kilometer or so before you reach work. For most people, no matter how hot it is or how hard you ride, you are not really sweaty until you stop biking. So if you want to ride without sweat, you have better to slow down or cool down the last one or two kilometers before your destination. In fact, riding with the steady speed, you can also enjoy the steady wind that quickly evaporates perspiration. And there are two reasons to slow down the speed. For one thing, the strength's recovery. Riding at a slower speed, you can regard it as a small rest. Don't be short of breath when you are setting the feet on your working place. For another thing, slower speeds mean more time. In this way, you can get more time to draw the fresh air and relax.

Carry a clean hand towel or a set of clothes if necessary. Carrying a clean hand towel helps you a lot. You can use it clean the face first, then the hair, the neck, arms and last armpits. Cleaning these parts lets the possible odor or bacteria be far. And if no matter how you ride, you would produce sweat. At that time, the best way to solve it is to carry a new set of clothes for changing. If you choose the way, as for the riding clothes, you can wear what you want to wear. More importantly, a full clean pair of clothes contributes to your look and image. That's wonderful.

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Ride the reasonable distance and apply some techniques. Beneficial as riding is, it is not good for you to ride too long. If you are very far away from your workplace, it is better for you to choose another transportation tool. Or you can use two tools at the same time. You can ride to the near station firstly and then take the bus or the subway to your company. In short, riding to work is not suitable for a variety of kilometers. If you do it stubbornly, it would waste your strength and spirit terribly. As for some other helpers, you can choose the deodorant or the anti-perspiration based on your preference. But these little things would perfect the people who gain less sweat.

Riding to work is efficient and environmental-friendly. And it is a green lifestyle worth popularizing. Maybe many people are fond of this lifestyle but worried about the inconveniences it may contain. If you are the one, please have a look through the top 5 techniques to avoid sweating during you riding to work. And I strongly believe that you can get the ideal answer. Riding to work without sweat, you can make it.