Top 5 Techniques to Store Bikes outside and Still Guard against Decay You Are Required to Acknowledge

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In recent years, people's opinion on lifestyle has changed a lot. With the boomed popularization and heated environmental issues, people would like to take actions from some small things. And the bicycle is becoming a common and popular transportation tool. Riding bicycle can benefit a lot. For one thing, a constructive helper to the enhancement of living conditions. No big space and no carbon emission, riding bikes is a great contributor to improve traffic jam and lessen the air pollution. For another thing, riding is a good way to keep fit and relax. People regard biking as an economic kind of exercise. As a matter of fact, no extra fee and no other stubborn equipment, riding a bike is a green sport. And if you ride under the sunshine or the breeze, you feel relax very much. That's cool.

Seeing the merits riding bike owns, more and more people prefer to occupy a bicycle. What they do is significant to our Earth. But, consequently, a problem appears. Where to keep the bike? The affair would bother people much who don't have enough space inside. Under the circumstance, people have no choice but to store the bike outside. But then, they still worry about the bike's condition outside. So, how to store the bike outside without decay? Next, I would like to share some techniques with you.

Give the bike a home. The owner keeps the bike outside. And it is possible for the bicycle to meet strong sunshine, heavy rain or serious storm. If the bike lives in that environment for a period of time, the gears, pedals, and chains would be worn out quickly. And your bike would go die very soon. To settle it, it is considerate and wise of you to give a small cozy home to the bike. A small shed is perfect and practical. Moreover, some insulation inside the shed would help stop condensation. It is a useful way to keep the bike in a good shape. Therefore, you can use some waterproof materials to make a rectangular shed. In this way, your baby bike can accompany you a long time.

store bike outside

Wear a piece of clothes. Making a life outside, you are friend with wind, sunshine, rain, dust and sand. People are afraid to run into them, let alone the bike. So a piece of clothes-- tarp is indispensable. The tarp that covers the bicycle completely can offer some insulation and keep out precipitation. As for the piece of clothes, you don't need to buy a bike cover. Because it is overpriced, thin and non-customizable. You can buy the suitable material to make it by yourself. In theory, silver colored tarps reflect more infrared than other colors and better for insulation. So you can choose this type of material. But you should tailor the larger and bigger clothes than the bike's volume. And then it can cover the bike fully and perform better. And you have better to let sides of the tarp to the ground. At that time, the tarp is stiff enough. And there are always a few small openings where air can get in and out but water cannot.

Use lubricant and wax to dress the bike up. It is well recognized that lubricant and wax can beautify and polish the bike's face. And without these cosmetics, the bike would get rusty and damaged as soon as possible. In daily life, sunshine, rain, and wind are the powerful enemies to destroy the paint and wax. In order to keep bicycle's appearance well, you should apply these lubricative products very often, if necessary. After cleaning the bike, you apply the wax on your frame, seat post, fenders, exposed metal, but not your rim braking surface. During the process, you should pay more attention to the vulnerable parts where wax or paint is easy to drop off. Besides, put good lube on your chain and cables. Out of the lubrication, the bike can remind its smoothness. And you might want to put a cover on your saddle and handlebars. But you should watch out for condensation forming inside the covers which would defeat the purpose.

store bike outside

Lock your bike tightly. If you store the bike outside, you must worry about its safety. To be stolen or not to be stolen, that is a meaningful issue worth considering. If unfortunately, your bike is lost, you feel unhappy and depressed. So, as for keeping the bike outside, ensuring its safety is the principal problem to solve. And the basic and common answer is a lock. Frequently, it makes the effect. But if your lock is too frangible and the thief is so clever, it is likely for your bicycle to get lost. If possible and necessary, an alarming apparatus will be much better. Of course, the annunciator is much high priced. So taking all factors into consideration, you can make a reasonable and useful decision. If you believe the public order around you and are argus-eyed for unexpected things, you can adopt what you want to do. A lock, even no lock or something else you want to try.

Offer a pair of shoes to your bicycle. Tires are just like people's feet, I think, needing careful protection. Storing bicycle outside, you should be cautious about the connection with water and tires. If the tires soak in water for a period of time, they are worn out easily. So it is wise for you to add some water-resistance things under the tires, such as woods and tiles. Keeping in this way can avoid tires to touch water directly. Besides, adding some materials under the tires, it can dry the bike well. And without moisture, the thin steels in the wheel are not easy to get corrosive. That's cool.

store bike outside

If you like to own one bicycle but worry about the space, you can put the bike outside. Furthermore, if you bother how to store a bike outside with good safety, please realize the top 5 techniques. I strongly believe it can help you a lot. Occupying a bike, enjoying cycling, and just to do it.