Top 9 Reasons You Require a Handmade Bicycle

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In recent years, cycling has become a fashionable exercise for many people in which it not only can make you feel relaxed but also keep you fit. If you love riding a bicycle, you would like to ride a custom made bicycle. Not everything is handmade bicyclebetter in a handmade custom version, but when it comes to road bikes, even the best off-the-rack bikes, even the models the professional riders use, cannot compare with good custom versions. A study showed that in places where the more people ride bikes to work, the citizens are happier, healthier, and more successful. I bet this is even truer for those who go custom over stock. Next, I will introduce the 9 reasons why you need a handmade bicycle.
Good bike fit
A good custom bike can set free your neck and back from pain, remove numb hands on long rides, and basically defeat all discomfort except those comes for being out of shape. The more you ride, the more you can feel the comfort this aspect brings.
For example, one of my relatives, an amateur of cycling, has a premium stock frame and has made plenty of visits to bike fitters over the years for new stems, handlebar adjustments, and so on, in an effort to eliminate her neck and shoulder problems. Of course, it has helped, but not enough. So she said it was about time to buy a custom bike until her piggy bank got bigger.
A good custom bicycle can fit your size and shape very well. One rider once told me that he had spent one year in searching an off-the-peg bike that fit after one shopper told him that there was not such one because of his size and shape. So, he thought in nature that they were just tricking him into buying an expensive custom bike. Actually, he was false. He owns a custom bike now which he said he should have bought it one year ago.
Better performance
If you like climbing a lot especially long tough climbs, you can tell your builder so that they will an oversized seat tube to stiffness for your standing pedal stroke, which can actually increase your efficiency.
Even though a stock bike fit you absolutely, no stock bike can modify the diameter of the tubes and flex of the frame to suit your whims, but a custom bike can.
Bike fit is the main reason for a custom bike and a suitable frame is one of the most important factors of bike fit. One really has to watch out when they decide to design their own frame because a bike has to do many things and a knowledgeable builder will certainly inform you of those things as you tell them what you want. I think that the best thing about handcrafted bike would be the fit. While I'm sure you can get a proper fit with the right sized frame, I can see a good frame builder dial it a bit better for you. While fit in a bespoke suit translates to looking better, fit in a bespoke road bike translates to feeling better and possibly avoiding knee injuries from massive repetitions of an off-kilter pedaling stroke, along with the various back, neck and arm pains associated with riding. If like me you have several injuries a custom frame can help with that, which a stock frame cannot.
Premium price
There is no doubt that a custom bike has higher quality than the off-the-peg one. For custom bikes require a giant price than stock ones, you really have to make the decision to spend more. Unfortunately, the price of better off-the-peg bicycles has soared up a lot in recent years. At the same time, plenty of custom-made bikes have truly become cheaper, which, to a great extent, narrow the gap. Also, many manufacturers begin to offer complete finish kits in a variety of quality levels which is at largely discounted prices.
Seat height
saddleThere's no denying that most production road bikes sold these days are well designed, well made and competitively priced. That's why your local bike shop doesn't build its own frames anymore, but there's still a place for the custom builder.
A change of just a few millimeters in seat height can add speed and comfort so a 100-mile bike ride is agreeable. And a good custom bike can do this very well.
Bike fit is vital for comfortable and efficient cycling. The first time I had a bike fitted I was shocked at the difference in efficiency. The difference between a stock bike and a custom bike is dramatic.
The main advantage of a custom bike is that it's built to fit you and has exactly what you want on it. Long term tourists often develop quite specific requirements and no mass-produced bike will satisfy them. Even simple things like built-in racks are depressingly rare in mass-market touring bikes, let alone more specific things like eyelets for tying things too. In other words, a custom bike can make your efficiency maximum.
It's all about your body and how you are planning to use the bike. Different intended uses call for the difference in geometry. A CX would require completely different handling from a touring bike. Technical rides require the different approach. And a custom bike will be perfect for your intended purpose. And if you've got particular needs in terms of sizing or geometry that aren't met by the mass market then custom is the way to go and, of course, it's also the option for those that want to stand out from the mass-produced crowd.
In recent years there has been a dramatic resurgence in the number of custom builders in the UK and other countries, and while most still work in steel there are also artisan builders working in titanium, aluminum, and carbon too. Some riders like the idea deciding on a paint scheme no one else has.
I have never gone to that length but I did decide to get a crankset with black carbon fiber cranks and black chainrings that wouldn’t clash with the bike. In a custom bike, you can decide which fiber you want, which handlebar to choose, and which drivetrains to work. Other buying decisions I made were electronic shifting (try it and you’ll never go back) and wheels with carbon rims to reduce rotating weight. And paint must be flawless. You can decide what to paint in a custom bike.
Total different feelings
A custom frame is a performance art, where the hand of the craftsman meets the quality and grade of materials. And it is also a thing of personalized beauty: built to order and to your exact specifications, and made one at a time. Whatever the material, it is usually a slow process, with the meticulous work meaning that some frame builders produce just a couple of dozen frames a year. You have a dialogue with the frame builder from conception to completion, and you might have a say in every minute detail. If all goes well, through their experience you can have a bike so purely personal to you that it's your perfect bike.
When I got on my custom bike for the first time I felt the bike was as comfortable as a pair of shoes I’ve worn for years, except that I could use it to propel myself at 20 mph for hours without fatigue, and faster than that for brief spurts.
If you have the budget, make a custom built bike. It's expensive, and the price/performance ratio is low (the benefit you get is probably marginal vs. the investment), but why not. It will be your bike, made for you, it's a great feeling, and people easily spend more money to upgrade the stereo in their cars.

Not all that long ago, most road bikes were custom built to order by your local frame builder. Times have changed and today most are produced on a mass scale in the Far East where advances in manufacturing and production processes have seen all types of road bikes become both more affordable and more technologically advanced than ever before. But that doesn't mean that people don't want custom produced hand-built bikes anymore. Also, some people like the exclusivity of owning a one-off bike. They like the idea deciding on a paint scheme no one else has.
Most of us don't need a custom built bike. A properly set-up off-the-peg machine can be made to fit very well. Of course, 'need' is only a very small part of the equation when it comes to justifying having a bike made just for you. Different bikes are appropriate for different with fit and saddle the best measure of comfort. And a custom bike can fit you very well.