Top five reasons why bananas beat other food while cycling

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If you are a regular cyclist, you may constantly ask yourself a simple but confused question, “what should I eat during cycling?” If you have ridden over an hour in length you should consider proper hydration and refueling strategies during your ride. However, most cyclists may still in great question that what to eat during cycling and just eat in random, which actually will do great harm to our health. Here, I am going to introduce you an excellent food for your cycling, banana. Why is it a good choice? let’s figure out together.

Conveniencecycling and bananas
I must say convenience is the most direct reason for the banana to defeat other food and become the top choice for cyclists to eat. Bananas are easy to carry in a bag or even in a cycling jersey, the wrapping is biodegradable if you accidentally drop it when cycling. In addition, bananas are easy to peel, you don’t have to worry about there is no tool for you to open it, also you don’t have to bother to clean it. You can enjoy your bananas anytime you are hungry or tired. All you need to do is peel it slightly and enjoy it. Oh, by the way, it is also easy to chew.

Bananas are a good source of carbohydrate and potassium that may provide advantages to your muscles’ ability to use the fuel efficiently, especially during a long exercise at moderate intensity, such as a long ride. The readily absorbed carbohydrate also provides important fuel for the brain, which allows the body to keep working harder, especially when tired. A recent study compared bananas to commercial sports drinks in a trial of bicycling performance and found they are equal. Therefore, bananas are absolute something you should take into consideration when it comes to the question that what to eat when cycling.

Keep you slim
bananas and cyclingFrom above introduction, you may have had a clear idea that banana is rich in carbohydrate which is an important source of energy and has significantly higher levels than any other fruit. However, some of you may worry that eating the banana too much when cycling to provide energy may give rise to obesity. Well, here I would like to assure you that it is not going to happen. Unlike most other forms of high-carbohydrate foods, banana actually contains very little fat while it is high in fiber. The combination of fiber with the banana’s three natural sugars, fructose, sucrose, and glucose means it provides a sustained boost to flagging energy levels. Therefore, banana is an excellent recovery food for replacing potassium lost in sweating but will not contribute to obesity.

Help digestion
There is no doubt that banana is a nutritious provider, however, you might not be aware of all the digestive benefit it offers. When digestive health is weak, it may be hard for your body to assimilate the nutrients from the food you eat. The mineral potassium plays a key role in your diet. Adults need about 4700 milligrams of potassium each day, and one large banana provides about 500 milligrams of this important mineral. Although banana is a source of soluble fiber which is with about 30% of their fiber in this form, soluble fiber tends to slow absorption of carbohydrates and fats, helping keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. Thus, when you are cycling, your energy lost extremely faster than ever, in this case, eating banana will help your body work smoothly.

No branding
Well, you may be in great question when you saw this title firstly, take it easy, here I am going to explain why nobananas and cycling branding matters. Actually, it not only focuses on cycling, it fits everywhere when you are wondering what you should carry and have completely no idea. Unlike the other food or fruits, banana is quite easy to pick for no branding. You don’t have to bother to think about that which brand of the food you would like to carry is better or which brand is more nutritious. All of the bananas in the market are the same, what you need to do is to pick a good-quality one and put it into your jersey pocket.

To recap

As we all know, cycling is an excellent exercise in terms of health and fun. However, when you are enjoying yourself, don’t forget to supply enough energy and nutrition during riding. As long as you make sure you are in a good condition, can you really get yourself into the excitement and happiness of cycling. And as I have mentioned above, banana must be your first choice. You will not regret listening to me.