Top Seven Real Tips On Female Cycling Training

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Believe it or not, it has been a common agenda that women riders tend to be weaker than men in terms of their strength and endurance. Indeed, generally speaking, because of the sexual difference, women usually tend to relative delicate while men are strong and muscular. Maybe most of the female cyclists will be dissatisfied after hearing what I have just said. Don’t give me wrong, I am not here to say that women are inferior to men, instead, in my point of view, men and women are actually equal despite their difference. What I am trying to say today is that for female cyclists, they need some more practical training that is really suitable for them and helps to improve their knowledge and skills on cycling. Here, I am going to introduce you some top tips on preparing for a long ride. Let’s get the start!

Build volume slowly
female cycling tipsMost female cyclists may get the misconception that as long as they ride as more distance as possible every day, their endurance and cycling skills will also be improved quickly, and that is what those pro female cyclists have done. As a matter of fact, it is completely wrong. The riding length should be increased gradually according to your personal body condition because your body needs to spend some time on adapting to the intensity of the exercise without becoming excessively fatigued. In general, as a great number of pro and experienced female cyclists have highly recommended that it would be better that you increase your everyday cycling length by 15 minutes to give yourself some time to give used to long hours in the saddle.

Well, since you are preparing for a long ride, a good rest must make a huge difference on your performance. Don’t get the misunderstanding that the harder you practice the better performance or the longer cycling length you can achieve. It is not the case. Everyone has their own limitations no matter what they try to do, you must learn to take a break and give your body a chance to recover and adapt to the training you have been doing. Especially, sometimes, you think that you have tried hard enough, but there seems to no any progress on your performance and you even risk depleting your immune system. It is the right time for you to have a rest at once. It is highly recommended that you had better keep your schedule free for at least one or two complete days every week to relax and rest, and every fourth week, ease off on your training, riding shorter, easier routes.

Train with others
In general, believe it or not, it is easy to get fatigued and hard to insist onfemale cycling training when you are doing all high-intensity training alone, especially for female cyclists, accompany often matters a lot when it comes to continuously doing something. Such as me, as a near 10-year rider, there is no doubt that I love cycling. However, I still could not tolerate to facing all those boring and multiple long sessions on my own. Therefore, I usually train with my friends who also enjoy cycling. Of course, if you cannot find some friends to train with you. Why not join a cycling club? You will meet a lot of like-minded friends.

Don’t skip the hard stuff
It is natural that you would like to give up those difficult high-intensity parts of your training. I completely understand. After all, no one is willing to suffer from those terrible pains. However, you could not deny that after you have built a base level of fitness, the really hard part of your training could help to develop power and make your mitochondria, which is the cells responsible for the production of energy, thus get you more powerful. Of course, what I mean is not to encourage you to try those hard sessions as many as possible, which on the contrary will have a negative effect on your performance. General speaking, a blend of 80% zone 2 or endurance rides and 20% high-intensity training is the perfect agenda for nearly every female cyclists.

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Don’t look for shortcuts
Training sometimes is hard and boring, therefore some women cyclists will try to find some shortcuts and skip those difficult sessions directly. Some of them would even ask for pro female riders for help, hoping to learn some special skills from them. However, in fact, when it comes to cycling training, there are really no shortcuts for anyone. Focusing on every part of your training and enjoying them is the only way to improve your cycling skill and endurance.

Get your nutrition right
female cycling tipsWhen it comes to cycling training, there is no doubt that your body condition is the key. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have fueled yourself properly both on the bike and off it. In general, there are two main things that matter a lot on your cycling performance, carbohydrates and protein. Thus, you must eat plenty of carbohydrates so as to make sure that your glycogen stores are topped up before you get on the bike. Both of porridge and eggs are rich in carbohydrates and protein and are slow burning and low fat. You can choose them as your pre-ride or recovery meal. In addition to this, drink a great deal of water so you are well hydrated.

Look after yourself
No matter you are doing, looking after yourself well should be always put on the first priority. If you are a cycling beginner, don’t push yourself too hard, take a proper break in time when feeling uncomfortable, make sure you have kept in mind all those road regulations and relevant cycling knowledge in mind. If you have been a regular cyclist, getting various pains from cycling is inevitable, ensure that you know how to deal with them, and if you can afford it, a massage is a treat and has real benefits.

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To recap

As a regular female cyclist, I have a clear idea how hard it is to finish those cycling training. It is normal that sometimes you would like to quit. However, have you ever considered that if you give up, you may miss all those fantastic training sessions and have no chance to enjoy them? Therefore, as long as you grasp the right tips for your cycling training. It is actually not that difficult. I really those top tips I have introduced above on female cycling training could really help you to overcome all those difficulties. If you have any better ideas, welcome to leave your messages to me. For further information, please read on our website: