Top Six Cycling-Event Tips Beginners Require

Posted by tan xiao yan on

As a very new person to cycling sportive event two years ago, I needed to try very hard to keep myself going because there are a lot of things that are new to me. But I never stopped and I never gave up because at the very moment I started it, I had fallen in love with it. Cycling sportive event is wonderful. To make myself more comfortable and make the event more enjoyable, I searched the Internet and tried to figure out how can I make it easier when cycling. I did find out something, in fact, and I would like to share them with you. Leave me a message if you have other wonderful different methods which you think may help a lot.

1.Check everything on your bike before starting.
Make sure your bike is in a good condition before start sportive. It’s very important that I believe no one wants to stop in the middle of the event, trying to fix your bike and watching others overtaking you on by one. Check everything on your bike and make sure they work well, especially the brakes, your tyres and so on. You know, bad brakes can kill a people sometimes. Just make sure you are safe. Another thing you need to do before setting off is to solve your physical needs such as pooping, peeing or other things. The journey is quite long and that’s is inevitable.

2.Start in a right position.
This is quite an important thing as a right starting position will make your cycling journey easier and more comfortable. Some wrong position can be difficult and it needs a lot of efforts. The right starting position can make you get twice the result with half the effort as the old Chinese saying says. Just make sure your bike frame fits you very well, and your handlebars’ height, your seat height is suitable for you in that these are essential elements for your cycling experiment. But don’t forget to sort out your pedal and cleat position as poorly positioned feet can result in problems ranging from hot spots to knee and leg strains. I suppose none of us wants to get hurt or have an uncomfortable cycling experience.

3.Things about stopping.
One thing that many people usually forget to do is to change into an easier gear when they are about to stop. Pulling away in a huge gear, grinding away and struggling to get going is often seen during the event which is a waste of energy. So, if you’re going to stop at a junction or just have a quick break, change up through the gears before you stop. Then you have already selected a nice low gear to start off again nice and much easier.

There is another thing you need to pay attention to that when you are about to brake, make a quick look around yourself and make sure you give them a hand signal to warn them about what you intend to do to those who close by in case of accidents happen, especially on the uphills.

Use the front brake. Many beginners are favor of the rear brake because they think it’s more convenient and safer. Well, that’s not always the case. As a matter of fact, the front brake can stop more efficiently than the rear brake. Some cyclists rarely touch their front brakes and only use their rear brakes to stop the bike for that they are afraid of turnover on the road especially when an emergency happens. But these people have no idea about using rear brakes only will lead to bike-drift which is as dangerous as bike-turnover! The front brake, in fact, can make you stop more quickly and safely especially in a panic stop. Try to practice it until you can use it flexibly. I believe it will do you many good.

4.Practice using one hand.
It is a normal thing we need to eat something and drink to replenish your energy. So, do I need to stop to do that? Of course not! That’s when we need to use one hand to ride. So before you get to the event, practice riding with one arm on the bars, taking the bottle out of the cage and drinking, and taking food out of your pockets. Do practice this before the event. You will be grateful when you using one hand cycling successfully as it does help a lot.

5.About food stations.
When cycling an event, there usually some food stations on the road. However, there is no need to stop at every food station because you really don’t need it. And when you stop, I know that for some people they want to have a long rest because it’s so tired. But don’t. Just grab what your need and then go on. Why? Because your legs might lose its enthusiasm and you feel bad when you start cycling again. I usually take some bananas, some energy bars and some water. Remember, you don’t need to stop at every food station. And if you stop, just take what you need and go.

We might have the chance to bump into a flat tyre when attending a cycling event. Some people may rush to change another tube. But they seem to forget something important. That is determining and removing the cause of the flat tyre. This is very important, otherwise, your hard effort may be wasted and your tyre will break down again.

I am not a very experienced cyclist but an amateur and my suggestions may not be the best one, but they do help me a lot when I was in a cycling event. And I really hope these 6 sportive tips can give you some help. Cycling events indeed are every exciting and it worth we training very hard to chase our dream. For me, the golden rule is and always will be: enjoying every moment and enjoying myself.