Top Six Real Dos On Group Cycling Etiquette

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With the great popularity of cycling club and the peloton, more and more people are taking part in the group riding. There is no doubt that every cyclist could benefit a lot from group riding, such as meeting like-minded friends, acquiring practical cycling skills and gaining accompany. Indeed, cycling is a great sport, it is even better when you share it with others. As for me, I not only join a local cycling club a few years ago but also spend nearly all of spare time riding with my several friends who also love cycling. Group cycling really gets me enjoy cycling a lot. Most cyclists hold an idea that group riding is pretty easy, what you prepare is just as the same as you are on your own, then you could enjoy yourself on your beloved bikes with other cyclists enthusiasts. Of course, group cycling is not difficult, however, it is not as easy as you have thought either. Here, I am going to introduce you some group riding skills and etiquette that you actually require to know. Let’s get the start!

Find the right group
group cycling etiquetteThis could be the number one significant tip that every cyclist should have a clear idea with. Before you really decide to join a specific cycling group, you should find out their general policies. Different groups have their own various purposes. Some focus on cycling while others centre on racing. Some meet for “no-drop” rides, which mean that no cyclist will be left behind the group. The more you are interested in the group you are interested in, the more chances you would meet like-minded cycling friends and absorb yourself in it. Believe it or not, a right group is the foundation of all after you are going to experience group cycling.

Be steady
When it comes to group cycling, safety should be always put on the priority. And be steady definitely matters a lot on this issue. Be steady includes speed and line. You must ensure that you keep the same pace with your group, which is not only for your own safety but rather for all of the members of the group. Especially when your group is concentrating on just riding, it is no need to accelerate and surpass your companion. Of course, riding too far behind the group is also completely wrong. Because your group has to slow down for waiting for you, and your companion will worry about what would happen to you. And assume that something wrong happens to you when riding far behind, you may lose the chance of asking for help.

As for the line, as you are riding with others in a group, the team spirit is pretty significant. You had better ensure you are always in the same line with your group, ride smoothly. Don’t try to change your cycling trail suddenly to make yourself look cool, it is terrible. You may disturb other riders’ trail and cause some unexpected trouble. Therefore, for the sake of your own and others safety in the group, be steady. Following your team leader steadily and keep in line.

Hand signals
It is responsible for every cyclist who is going to join group cycling to have a clear idea on hand signals. There are some special hand signals that are specifically used in the cycling group to call others attention of your near hand signals of group cyclingaction. Make yourself aware of the importance as well as the meaning of hand signals and know how to use them exactly. One hand gently patting an invisible dog shows that the group is slowing down or just to ease the pace back a bit. Pointing down at the road sometimes with a circling motion indicates an obstruction or hazard on the road that needs to be avoided. Waving behind the back means that there is an obstruction that the whole group needs to move into a different direction.

Make sure you are prepared well
This tip includes preparing your own and your bike well. General speaking, you ought to prepare as much enough as you are on a solo ride. After all, it is always wise to prepare in advance. Make sure that you have equipped yourself well for cycling. For example, if you have prepared enough those necessary accessories for your cycling, like the helmet, cycling glasses, cycling jersey and shorts and so on. Check if every component of your beloved bike could work well. If your tires have been inflated properly if your wheels and brakes can work well and something likes that. Make sure you have made all things done, which is not only for your cycling enjoyment but also for your and other riders’ safety. After all, it is hard to say what would happen on the trip. And it is impossible that others could always help you to get rid of trouble every time.

Don’t overlap wheels on group riding

Don’t overlap wheels
Most cyclists hold the idea that following others’ trail directly could help to make their rides easier. Indeed, following other riders’ rear wheel directly is much easier for your cycling. However, it is extremely dangerous. Because if you follow too close to someone and he brakes suddenly or makes other sudden movements, it could be a disaster. Therefore, the distance that you follow others could tell a completely different story. In general, it is highly recommended and acceptable that you ride six inches either side of other rider’s rear wheel, which can ensure you have enough time to make a reaction to his movements and also get the same drafting benefit.

Obey the rules of the road
Obey the rules of the road on group cyclingSince we are talking about group cycling, every cyclist movement would have a big effect on the whole group. When you are riding on the road, it is quite essential to obey the rules and regulations of the road. Hold a straight line, respect junctions and always stay on the correct side of the road. There no one could guarantee your safety on the road, especially when you are in a group, your safety is connected tightly with other group members.

To recap

In one word, there is still a huge difference between solo cycling and group riding. If you would like to enjoy all the benefits that group cycling could bring to you, you are also responsible for doing something for the group. I really hope all the tips on group cycling skills and etiquette could actually help you enjoy yourself on group cycling. If you have any better ideas, welcome to leave your messages to me. For more further information, please read on our website: