top ten cycling etiquette tips

Posted by tan xiao yan on

You must be a cyclist, but you may not be an excellent one. Guess what? It seems like you are a person, while you may be not a good person. It is no different for cyclists. Do you know how to be a nice cyclist? Ten cycling etiquette tips you must pay attention to are as followings.

1. Greeting

Greeting is the best way to give somebody a good impression. Say hello to someone you encounter while cycling. A simple greeting with “good morning” or “hello” not only can reflect your politeness but also can make others happy.

2.Do not stalk girl riders

Don't be so silly to stalk girl riders. It is very rude, too. No girls like being stalked at any situations. If you want to attract a girl, just concentrate on your cycling. Show your charming like excellent cycling skills to her, not the foolish stalking. Are you are looking for a girl? Go to a bar.

3. Running red lights is illegal

As we all know, running reds is very dangerous. But this is common for pedestrians, riders and drivers, especially riders. Although you will save a few seconds, it ruins everyone. Don't be so impatient. Just wait a little bit and work on your standing starts. It is our duty to be observant of the traffic rules. Do remember that you are a gentleman.

4. Make signals

Though it is inconvenient for you to use hands to signal, you don't want a crash. If somebody is right behind you, you should use your hands to signal a coming stop or turn. Sometimes a glance over your shoulder is enough to make a signal that something is about to change.

In traffic, never deem that the driver in the turn lane knows what they are doing. And never assume that someone behind you knows what you are doing. Always predict that they will turn in front of you and cut you off. Make eye contact or hand signal to let them know what you are going to do( straight ahead, turn, etc. ). If you cannot do these successfully, let them go first. Just because you can get through the intersection and on your way safely.

If you are in a group, don't stop suddenly or cut someone's path. Want something exciting? Go to an amusement park and ride the roller coaster or to go bungee jumping.

5. Be careful while riding on pavements

Generally speaking, you should be riding on the road or special bike path. If you are on the pavements, do remember that pedestrians always have the right of way. They never expect you to be there in fact. So be careful! Ring a bell or call out while passing pedestrians. Don't do this all of a sudden, but long before you actually start to pass. Or else some people tend to turn around to look hearing the sound, thus turning into your path and leading to accidents.

6. Be ready to help others

Helping others is a good virtue. If you see somebody stopping along the road, lower speed and ask if everything is fine. If he is in need of some help, stop and help him out. But this situation relies on the equipment carried with you like tubes, pump, and so on. I usually carry some patches and glue, in case of someone needing help.

7. Every extremity is a fault. The brighter light is not always better

Some of you may end up careening into the bushes while passing on the bike path at night. It is because your light is too bright. In this case, you may get delusional, thus not ensuring where the road is. Tilt it down a little bit, change a lower setting or purchase another. Any lights over 1,000 lumens are not fit for on -road use. Luckily, we have invented a great product of bike lights that are perfect for low-lit commuting.

8. Do not lock others' bike when locking up

You want to stay and appreciate the wonderful scenery when encountering a beautiful place. So you stop at the parking spot and lock up your bike. Don't lock it with your neighbor's bike. They will not express their thanks for the further security (even if your bike lock is awesome) when wandering back 3 hours later.

9. Straighten the fallen bikes up

Straightening the poor fallen bikes up is a good deed. A good act will be well rewarded. If a locked bike has fallen over on the pavement, it is a good thing to straighten it up before a drunk kicks the wheels in.

10. Take your rubbish away

Every cyclist has the responsibility to take your rubbish away. The empty bottles, peels and other garbage should be thrown into the dump sites or the dustbins. Do not throw them into the roads at your will. We should try our best to protect our environment not to pollute it.

You are, you must be an excellent cyclist with the ten cycling etiquette tips. You love cycling. You are responsible for maintaining the rules of cycling. To be a qualified cyclist is to guard others to obey the rules, hence create a wonderful world of biking. The more cyclists on the road, the more money, protections, and infrastructure cycling receives. What we dream of is enjoying the cycling, enjoying our life.