Uncover the mystery---What will you earn from cycling?

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Cycling to somewhere isn’t just an exercise or for a certain purpose such as keeping fit and losing weight, but the most important thing is that through doing it you can earn more you have never imagined and expected. Cycling is also like a life journey. It mixes all the feelings and experiences and let you thing about yourself from a different visual angle. When you sit down and look back on this long-distance cycling journey earnestly, I’m sure you won’t regret your action and take this step. Here are some precious earnings I’m eager to share with you.

Save the economy
The economy is the basic thing you must to think about before you start doing something. You need to consider the problems of eating, drinking, staying, fixing and all kind of the output that you need to spend in daily life. However, compared with driving a car, cycling is cheaper and more economical. You can save the money for parking, fax, petrol and so on. It’s more economical for traveling. For many young people, cycling is the best way to save money but go to more places without worrying about the economy.

Know more inspirational figure
An inspirational figure has an impressive effect on the one’s life. But an unknown and unfamiliar figure always can’t play an important part in our life. When you cycling out, you can keep in touch with them closely, and know their colorful stories and personalities, learn and take in their unique experience. When the tough time comes, I believe that you can deal with it calmly. When there is something difficult encounters, you will get energy from those inspirational figures and rise your foot again from the falling. Cycling is a good chance for you to know and feel those figure and mold your personalities to be a better figure.

Learn to share
Why can cycling help you learn to share your thoughts and feelings? When you decide to cycle, that means you have to make up your mind to go outside and keep away from your little home, you can meet all kind of people who cherish the same ideals and follow the same path. You will listen to the topics they talk which arouse your interest unconsciously, you have an eager to share your thoughts and ideas. If there is a group that knows you and is willing to listen to you, you feel at ease and learn to share. Instead, if you stay at home share, cyclingalone and stay away from your friends and around people, you will find that you even don’t know how to speak a word.

Slow things down
There are too many people, especially the urban people, living hurry lives, the walk and work all day long and doing everything in a rapid speech and high efficiency. Gradually, you will find that how boring your lives are. So I suggest you slow things down, and spare your eyes on every side and make your mind and body rest for some minutes. Spending some time cycling and appreciating the beauty of nature. You will find a new life and a new yourself then. Life is a long journey, you can work all time and make your whole life fill with discontent and pressure.

Redefine the danger and safety
Experience is a good teacher to tell you something unique and useful. When cycling, you will meet with all sorts of difficulties and also dangers, they can let you redefine the danger on your life by let you down and feel incapable of action. Cycling can let you know how horrible the danger is and how difficult to obtain the safety.


Know more distinctive culture
Each area has its own unique culture and customs. Cycling to some places you will know their cultural customs, and widen your vision. Do in Rome as Rome does, you can enjoy the interest of distinctive culture. Will there be anything more interesting than hit on new things and interest?

Involve more areas
You don’t need to rely on others to go to some places, only if you have a bicycle, you can go to any areas you want to, whether stay at the countryside and explore the beauty of nature, or look around the city by your bike, you can make your schedule by your own time, and these things you want, from cities to countryside, from the rich areas to the poor places, you understand more things about the real life and about the society. Explore more routes you have never went and involve more areas that they’re not easy to know but also full of beauty.

Rethinking the future
Many people have a period of loss and worry about the future, you don’t know what your future will be like, you doubt whether the life road you’re going is right or wrong because of the cruel reality and competition, when the confusion linger in your mind, the best solution for me is to cycling, in the way of cycling, you can combine your experience with others, stop for a while and rethinking the future. Maybe after having a good touch with nature and veteran people, at this time you discover another yourself and change your old and highbrow goal. Take courage to advance bravely for your dreaming and wonderful future.

Whether you’re a cyclist or going to be a cyclists, I suggest you that never give up cycling and start cycling. With cycling, there are many wonderful things encountering your lives and fulfilling your dream. Whether you have known the earnings I shared above or not, keep in mind that it’s worth cycling.