Warning:Ten things should not be wore on the bicycle

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Regardless of the season, or wherever you may ride, there were a few rules we feel you should follow to ensure you maintain sartorial integrity while riding your bike. The list, although non-exhaustive, is simply what to avoid in all cases. The top ten things not to wear on a bike are as follows.

No socks

The correct height, length or color of the sock are things perpetually debated in the field of cycling. However, in order to even have the debate, you have to have socks in the first place. Newbies might be tempted to go sockless to avoid embarrassing tan lines, but you need to get over this. Tan lines are like a tattoo to confirm your membership into the cycling world. Riding without socks, you’ll remain part of the amateur gang. Besides, without the protection of socks, your ankle and toes are easily chafed, which may have the negative effect on your emotion when cycling.

Full Face Helmet

It goes without saying that riding with a helmet is compulsory. However, riding out on the road with a full face helmet is unnecessary unless you’re planning an off-road adventure or cycling on the local bicycle motocross track. The reasons are as follows. First of all, when cycling under the hot weather, you would feel extremely hot wearing the full face hamlet, which may make you quite uncomfortable. Moreover, it is difficult for you to acquire a periphery vision, which is absolutely necessary for cyclists. Also, cyclists have to drink water when having a break, but wearing a full face hamlet also inhibits the intake of fluids. And it also inhabits banter with your training partner too.

Compression Socks

The opposite of no socks is comprehension socks. Some reports convey the message that it is great to put on compression socks when cycling. However, no matter when you are on or even off the bicycle, they will make you look so strange that the stress of your self-consciousness will negate all performance benefit.

Super Heroes

The time out on the bike is precious, especially if you’re training around a job or your studies. So the last thing you want to happen while out on your favorite loop is to have to save the world from impending catastrophe and doom at the clutches of an evil genius mastermind. A tip then flies under the superhero responsibilities radar by not dressing as one.

National Championship Jersey

Some cyclists would like to wear a National or World champion’s jersey which might be won 16 years ago to show off their achievement to others. Although it is fiercely debated, we still feel there is only one situation where you are allowed to wear a Word or National champion’s jersey. And that situation is if you are the current World or National Champion. If you’ve been a national champion, you can continue to wear the stripes on your arms. However, if you put on a National champion’s jersey won many years ago, it would be a little embarrassing.

Big Shorts only

It is indecent to wear big shorts only with no jersey. And Since Simon Richardson started working out, he is probably the only person who could get away with what is normally considered as a cycling fashion faux pas. Besides, Cyclist’s traditionally weedy, pasty-skinned upper bodies are things best left under wraps and filed under “specialist websites” only. If the physique of cyclists is not so fit, they may be made as a joke. For example, he and his partner may carry out the communication as follows: “I tell you what, you are looking quite buff.” “Thanks, mate.” “How often do you work out, anyway?” “I reckon probably about once a decade.”


If you don’t want to look like an accountant with a driving ban, please keep it practical and avoid commuting in your suit. Wearing suits on the bicycle looks stupid. And checking your portfolio during the process of movement is also definitely prohibited. Besides, wearing suits on the bicycle also might inhabit cyclists’ movement, which takes away the entertainment of cycling.

Rock Stars

We have actively encouraged you to sign on a bike as a way of motivating yourself, which is fine and helpful for you. Nevertheless, we implore you not to “method sing” via total immersion into the persona of your favorite rock star while out riding. The image of The Who’s Roger Daley on stage rocking double denim is anionic one that should not be tainted by trying to replicate it on a bike.

The Onesie

While reluctantly conceding onesie with varieties of animals on it are indeed a global fashion phenomenon, these monstrosities should perhaps firmly the preserve of teenagers, students and the sartorially misguided. Maybe it’s one that makes you look like your favorite wild animal out in its natural habitat, but it look so strange when you are on the bicycle and it would also prevent you from cycling freely.


Speedos not only offer very little protection for your manly or womanly bits, but also look indecent and wrong, and your attention might be distracted from cycling by it. It is certain that it’ll prevent you getting farmer’s tan lines, but that’s not a valid excuse. Compared with tan lines, physique health is more important. Therefore, cyclists would better put on decent and suitable clothing when cycling. Besides, if you want to do groups riding without everybody trying to drop you, you have to catch up with them with full speed. Although you are far less likely to end up being arrested for indecency or severely reducing your ability to start a family, but wearing speedos when cycling is still not be suggested. Moreover, no one wants to ride behind someone with a severe case of the munchies.