Warning: Ten Wrong Behaviors on the Bike Lane

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Riding in the opposite direction from other traffic vehicles

It is illegal and dangerous to ride in the opposite direction from other vehicles on the bike lane. If we don’t ride in the correct direction, it would be quite easy for us to get involved in traffic accident. Besides, the space of bike lane is so narrow, so it is difficult for us to dodge from the bike coming from the opposite direction. Moreover, riding in the opposite direction would make us invisible in the eyes of other cyclists especially in the intersection of lanes, which is dangerous for ourselves and other cyclists. Therefore, in order to be responsible for the safety of ourselves and other cyclists, you’d better ride in the same direction with other cyclists.

Riding within the range of door zone

In many cities, some bike lane is designed near the door zone. It is dangerous to ride within the range of door zone because it would increase the risk of being hit by the suddenly opening door. For the purpose of keeping safety, we’d better keep our tires at least four feet from the parked cars because the opening door generally may reach three and a half feet. Although it is certain that the car drivers would observe whether there are some bikes passing, we still should pay attention to our own safety to avoid the accidental situation. Therefore, we’d better avoid riding within the range of door zone.

Overtaking another vehicle on the right side

When we riding a bike in the bike lane, it is wrong to overtake another vehicle on the right side, especially when the vehicles are turning right. We could know the reason why overtaking another vehicle on the right sides is forbidden by conceiving the real situation. If we overtake another vehicle on the right sides when it turning, the risk of collision would increase. Thus, when we come across a vehicle attempting to turn, we’d better either pass it on the left side or stop to wait.

Ignoring the traffic signals

When cycling on the bike lane, some cyclists might ignore some significant traffic signal. And these signals is quite important for the safety of cycling. For example, the most important signal on the bike lane is the direction signal which guides the cyclists to ride in the right direction. If cyclists ignore the direction signals, it would be quite dangerous for their cycling. Besides, the signals of the left turn lane and right turn lane are also vital for cycling. If the cyclists attempt to turn left, they should choose the left turn lane. Also, the signal of speed limits have to be permitted by cyclists, otherwise the cyclists who ignore it would break the traffic law.

Ignoring the traffic light

When cycling on the bike lane, cyclists are also required to follow the guidance of traffic light. When approaching a crossroad, we should make sure that the time is enough for us to cross the road before the traffic light turn red.

No hand signals showed to others when turning

When cyclists intend to make a turn or a lane change on the bike lane, hand signals is essential to warn others their intention. In reality, some cyclists may forget to show their intention to other road users with hand signals, which may result in danger. When showing hand signals, cyclists should stretch their arms straightly and make it parallel with the ground, instead of holding a bent arm to make hand signals. There are some hand signals that cyclists need to know. For instance, stretching the left arm to the shoulder height means turning left, and a closed fit placing behind the back means “stop”.

Careless abut the back side when making a turn or lane change

Although riding on the bike lane is safer than cycling on the motor vehicle lane, necessary attention should be paid to the back side when making a turn or lane change. Some accidents may occur if cyclists are careless about other vehicles from the backsides. Just as mentioned above, cyclists should remember not to overtake another vehicle on the right side. And they also need to observe whether there is any vehicle overtaking them on the right side to avoid the accident. Besides, it might result in a crash if cyclists don’t notice the vehicles behind them when making a lane change.

Riding out of the range of bike lane

Some bike lanes are painted white line to represent its range, and others are even equipped with a physical barrier which separate cyclists from traffic. And cyclists should ride within the range of white line or the physical barrier. Some cyclists might think that cycling on the sidewalk is safer, but the real situation is contrary to their idea because the bikes they riding are a potential danger to the pedestrians on the sidewalk. Therefore, riding out of the range of bike lane is a wrong behavior.

Sharing narrow bike lane with another bicycle

Some cyclists would like to ride side by side on the narrow bike lane, which easily leads to accidents. If they ride side by side in the narrow bike lane, cyclists’ movement would be limited by the narrow space. And once one of the cyclists lose balance, he would also make the another one fall from the bicycle. Therefore, it is not a right and wise choice to share narrow bike lane with another bicycle.

Careless about the condition of ground

Some cyclists are careless about the ground condition on the bike lane, which may lead to a terrible result. The ground condition of the bike lane is changeable. For instance, it might get wet in the rainy day; and some stones sometimes may be found in the ground. Thus, the condition of bike lane also should be considered by the cyclists.