Watch! 10 Advantages You Are Required to Know About the Fixed-gear Bicycle

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What if I recommend you a bike that doesn't have brakes? Will you think it's quite dangerous? And if I tell you this kind of bike have no freewheel to coast and it only works on a single gear? Will you think that I'm a crazy guy?

So before you come to this passage, I want to show you the definition of it. From Wikipedia, a fixed-gear bicycle is a bicycle that has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism. Nowadays this new kind of bike becomes so popular and it's already a trend owing to many advantages they offer to riders. So I'm going to tell you its merits in details.


Typical bicycles have many parts so they are heavier than a fixed-gear bicycle. You can carry it and move around easily. Imagine that you are going to travel and you want to take your bike with you. Under this circumstance, a fixie can save you from problems due to its light weight. The bike doesn't shift the handlebars of your bike so much. Besides, it puts less pressure on equipment so that you are less likely to tumble in the freeway.


In the beginning of this passage, I have told that the bike couldn't allow you to coast which means that you have to peddle to make you bike move. You have to keep constant peddling which makes you consume more energy and helps to lose weight.

3.Low maintenance

Because the fixie has fewer parts, you don't have to so many steps before you go cycling. As we all know, it's necessary to check every part of our bikes and make sure they all works well before starting cycling to avoid accidents. But for a fixed-gear bicycle, you just need to get your chain tension right and lubricate it. They can keep in a good condition for a long time. This also means that it is of lower maintenance.


The durability comes from its simple designs of fixed-gear. Fewer parts mean that the possibility of breaking down is less. If something does go wrong, it is easier and quicker to repair and replace.


If a thief wants to steal something, a fixed-gear bike maybe will be his last choice because a fixie has fewer parts to steal. Before fixies can be seen everywhere, an unsuspecting thief can't be so stupid to make it to the end of the block without crashing.


Fewer parts with the frame and wheels make a fixed-gear bicycle look more comfortable. Because of their aesthetic superiority to other kinds of bikes, plenty of riders buy fixies for their different style and simple look. Frames have a wide range of color selection for you to choose and it can make you look more special.

fixed-gear bicycle


With lesser parts to operate on the road, customizing fixed-gear bicycles bring you more fun ad entertainment. A subculture named customization has become popular in the fixies customization. It not only brings cyclists much convenience but also becomes a distinguished way to express one's identity and individuality.

8、balance improvement

I have told you that the fixie has no brake. When you need to take corners, for example, you are not ale to coast.So you can't lean into the curves instantly. So being able to calculate just the right time and right amount of lean needs so much practice. In this way, your ability of balance controlling is trained. Sooner or later, you will find that your ability of balance improves so much.


Common bicycles have all required equipment. But people will get lazy, careless and afraid of unexpected adventures. With a regular bike you simply just pull a brake to stop, but with a fixie, you have to try to stop without a brake through lots of practice. You can discover what you are capable of.


The best reason to ride a fixed-gear is it can give you different and wonderful experience. You get an intimate connection with your bike. This is difficult to articulate the pleasure of it unless you ride a fixie by yourself.

I believe now you are thinking that this guy is trying to convince you that fixed-hear bike is the most wonderful bike in the world. But I want to tell you a truth that this kind of bike is not for everyone. The people who are satisfied with the common or typical bike is not suitable for this. So does the people who don't dare to try new things. There is always someone who hate a fixed-gear bike and they can say thousands of reasons to refuse what I say in this article.

But I tell you what kind of people it is for. It is for those people who would like to gain new experience and get tired of typical riding day after day. It's for the people who want to expand their horizons and untold interesting stories.