Watch! Top 5 tips you require to clean up after cycling for a commute

Posted by tan xiao yan on

I love cycling a lot and I want to ride my bike every single day. That’s one of the reasons why I ride my bike to work every day (my working place is not too far from where I live). Cycling to work makes me have a delightful mood, makes me stronger. It saves money, it’s environment-friendly and usually I don’t need to worry about the traffic jam. However, it was a big problem for me one year ago to clean up myself after a commute as my office doesn’t offer a shower facility and I wanted to be neat and clean when I working. When I got off the bike, I was sweaty and smelly, and it seemed everything of me was a mess. I didn’t like the way people looked at me as if I was a stinky expired rotten food. And I believed that many of you have the same problem as I did. So I tried many ways to clean up myself and now I want to share them with those who has the same problem. Leave a message for me if you have a different opinion or if you don’t agree with me.

1.Take a shower before you leave to work
Showering before leaving to work is a good way to solve the stink issue to some extend. If you set off to work freshly and you will have a nice mood. The longer distance and the faster you ride, the hotter you feel. So, if the ride is short and your speed is slow, you will still be fresh when you are in the office. For me, I would like to set off earlier and ride at a slow speed and keep myself cool. If your ride is long and at a fast speed, you need something else. It’s a great idea to leave some time to cool off, and that will be better.
2.Baby wipes and deodorant, baby spray and rubbing alcohol
When you are cool off and still have a little stink issue, baby wipes, deodorant, baby spray and rubbing alcohol are efficient tools to clean up or saying to cover the stinky smell. Baby wipes have many others use besides for baby like make you clean up and it smells good, etc. There is no doubt that deodorant is for preventing body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of sweat in the human body, especially in armpits and feet. Some of the deodorants or antiperspirants not only affect your odor but also prevent swearing to some extend through affecting your sweat glands. Baby spray can moisturize and whiten your skin. If you want, you can choose the flavor. As for me, I like the citrus flavored one because it’s fresh and it smells good. Rubbing alcohol can not only be used to wipe a portion of the skin to remove the infectious bacteria but also to increase blood flow, relieve rheumatic pains as it can dilute the blood vessels and makes increased blood flow in the affected area. Basically, wipe yourself clean and fresh, moisturize and whiten yourself and make yourself smells good. For the last step, girls can wear some perfume and boys can use some cologne. Girls can also use a light facial tinted moisturizer which can be used as makeup to hide your flushed cheeks.
3.Wear the right clothes
cycling clothing, cycling jerseyTo prevent being sweaty heavily, choose the right clothes is a right way to do. Obviously, sweat-absorbent, ventilated clothes work better than those usual clothes we wear all day. You can choose some wicking materials and other bike specific clothing which can make the sweat evaporate quickly and keep you cool. If you don’t want your working suits to be wet, stinky and wrinkled, wear the cycling clothes and change them when you arrive. Or keep one or two clean shirts at your office, that will help a lot. If you take your working suits with you, I recommend you to roll them instead of folding them as it can lessen the wrinkles and make it neat. For me, I usually wear a light short sleeve merino wool jersey as it is cool and it wicks great.
4.Hang your bag on the bike instead of your back
When cycling to work and we need to take something with us, we usually take a bag with us. Usually, we put the bag on our bag because in that way it’s very convenient and the resistance it brings is small, sometimes we can’t even feel it. However, putting the bag on the back is one of the important causes of perspiration. Every time when I arrive at mu office and put my back down,commuting cyclists there are always sweat marks on my back----left by the straps and the bag. It happens all the time when I cycling with a bag and that annoys me all the time. How to solve the problem? One of the simplest ways is getting your bag off your back and hang them off your bike. That will help you sweat less and you will feel more comfortable. Another way is to wear a bag with sweat discharging structure such as the one with ventilation structure. It makes sweat dry easily and keeps your back cool and dry.
5.Special tip for long hair girls.
I know for some girls with long hair, they can clean up the body with the methods above, but their hair is such a problem. Don’t worry. Just wipe your head down with a wet washcloth, comb it and then tie it into a ponytail. That will help a lot.
Everything can be done if you really put your mind on it. I believe cleaning up is not such a problem for us after reading this passage. Just simply washing in the sink with a soap and then wiping down will keep you feeling pretty fresh. Cycling to work has so many advantages and now that we solve the “cleaning up” problem, we can trustingly do it!