Watch! Top 6 tip women require to stay safe when cycling

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As a quite young girl who had limit knowledge and experience about cycling, I once was very worried about cycling safety, especially when my parents kept telling me cycling for girls was a dangerous thing and it was the last thing they wanted me to do. However, my natural true love for cycling kept pushing me to pursue my dream. I did hurt for many times, but I never stopped cycling and I never stopped loving it. Yes, cycling is dangerous sometimes, for everyone, but there always are some ways to keep us safe and sound. And now, I would like to share some of my tips for women’s cycling safety! If you have other thoughts, I will be very glad if you leave me a message. Here we go.whether recreational bicyclists ride on the sidewalks
1.Be confident and don’t be scared.
I understand some people are very afraid when first cycling, of cars, people, bad roads. There are always are something they thing may affect their cycling, or make them fall off. For these people, all I want to say is don’t be scared, everything is just fine. Take your gut! Cycling is wonderful! Don’t always think about the dangers, just enjoy it. Don’t let your inside fear take away the enjoyment of cycling. Many of those dangerous things just your imagine. This world is not as dangerous as you imagine. It’s cute. If you love this world deeply, it will love you back. Your confidence is one of your keys to the safe and joyous cycling world. Trust yourself.
2.Be alert.
riding with music playerIt’s always a right thing to be alert especially when you are cycling. There is an old saying in China that their predecessors have already laid a very good foundation: people will thrive in calamity and perish in soft living. It means that people or things will always tend to be thriving or prosperous when they are alert to the dangerous things or they will tend to decline. This goes the same as cycling. When cycling, we should always be alert to the things around you, people, the traffic, the roads, everything. For instance, you should never ever ride on the left side of a bus or a big truck. You know, you are too small to them and you have no idea when it will start the car. Therefore, be cautious and be alert.
3.Make sure yourself be seen and heard.
Making yourself to be seen and be heard is quite important. If the drivers can see you, they will at least be aware not to get to you or they will keep you at a certain distance. It’s of extraordinary significance for us to avoid people’s blind spots. For example, an experienced cyclist will never cycle or stop along the curb next to lorries at traffic lights or junctions as they can’t see you. That is a blind spot to them and that is how some accidents happened. Likewise, don’t even try to overtake a big lorry especially when you are very close to them. I once saw a news that a young man tried to overtake and he went through a lorry and a bus. And suddenly the lorry accelerated and crashed the young man, that is how one life was gone. What a disaster. Don’t take it easy and think it won’t happen to you. I believe that’s what the young man thought when he trying to overtake. Another thing I want to say is to wear bright clothes or high visibility clothing as much as possible, especially cycling at night when there is a high probability of car accidents.
Making yourself be heard means don’t try to be cool to wear an earphone because it’s not cool at all and it’s very dangerous as you can’t hear the voice around you. We should be able to hear the voice behind you, make a judge if there is a car behind you, calculate the distance between you. Sometimes it really is a useful way to anticipate and avoid danger. Adding a tail light to your bike to make you be seen at night also is a useful way.
4.Wear a helmet.
4.Bike HelmetBuy a really good helmet. Helmets do protect our head effectively. I believe no one wants to be hurt when falling off the bike and sometimes the helmets can even save your life. Here I don’t want to waste my time and words to tell you how beneficial it is because I believe it is a basic safety knowledge in everyone ‘s mind. Just wear one for your safety. It won’t give any hurt to you anyway. Wear goggles to protect your eyes is a great idea to stay safe.
5.Obey the road rules.
One of the important ways to stay safe and sound is to obey the traffic rules and never break them. You stop when it is a red light; you go when the green light comes up. Sometimes things just happen when you are obeying the rules while others do not. my advice is keeping away from them. These people lack public spirit and their mind may be forgotten at home. I don’t recommend you arguing with time because it is totally a waste of time. Just keep them at a certain distance. Once again, avoid getting too close to the bus; don’t try to turn left and overtake it just for saving a few seconds because it is very dangerous. I would rather stop and wait for it than risk my life. Pay attention to the traffic signals and do the right things.
6.Maintain your bike.
Before starting cycling, make sure your bike is in a good condition and everything of it works fine especially your brakes. Make sure your tyres aren’t worn down too much if you don’t want them blew on the way. There are still many things needed to be paid attention to. If you don’t want to have a mechanical breakdown on the way unfortunately, always make sure your bike is maintained.
There really are many things that girls need to pay attention to and stay safe. In fact, after using these methods, my parents did relieve a lot because they know I have ways to protect myself and I know how to stay safe and sound. I think children’s safety is the best gift for them.