Ways of high quality to cycling training in a short period

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Sometimes you may be urged to attend a cycling race or want to have a sudden competition with someone, so you need to train yourself in a short period. Ways of high quality to training in a short time can help you a lot and make you happy. Today, we are going to talk about this. Read it, it may offer support to you.

To some extent, training in a short period equals to HIIT for cycling.

The first choice you can have is to train with others. Attending the spin classes are pretty popular nowadays. Spin classes provide excellent workouts with an amount of hard interval- or strength-oriented training. It is a good opportunity to master the professional training methods and make you persist. If you master the process, you can boost your balance and grasp the skills of handling bike. During this course, you do not need to go outside under the sun and experience the hitting of wind and rain. You don’t have to be exposed to the sun and rain so that you could some injuries and accidents which may occur outdoors. What is more, there must be a time limit of the course which means you have to finish the courses in a given time. It meets your need, right? You want to have cycling training in a short period and so the course does. You have to focus on the fee of courses. And there must be some differences between different institutes. You can compare the price by consulting them and get a knowledge of their service before making a decision.

You can also choose to ride with teams. It is same with attending courses in the limitation. Time and routine are what you cannot change after making the plan. It can contribute to controlling your speed and mastering skills. You are allowed to make some friends during the riding and won’t feel dull. They can help you in the part of your weakness. However, it takes you much extra time in waiting team and you have no much freedom in riding. You had better not to rest for much time in order to catch up with others.

There are distractions when you're training with others. Going out for a long cycling and chatting with your friends can cost you an amount of time which may lead to getting not as much as you could while cycling along. You can have a try to put your head down and put on your helmet on wheels.

The second choice you can own is to train yourself. You can have more time to train yourself compared with attending the courses and cycling in a team. You actually have the opportunity to give yourself enough time to have a break. You are allowed to make the most of your time and change the plan if you find it doesn’t suit you. Make clear the ways you can train and something you have to pay attention to. Here are some ways you can refer to.

Boosting the endurance of steady cycling mileage contributes many physiological changes in your body. You need to ride typically at between 65-80% of Max heart rate and should keep contact with your training partner without pausing for extended breaths.

It is best to concentrate on your cadence as well, working on a zone between 95-105 rpm for as much of the training ride as possible. It helps to develop a good pedaling habit. The lower intensity that you ride at while training basically makes you train for a long period on wheels. Keeping training for a long time can give you the strong foundation you need to go fast later. You should never underestimate the effect of aerobic training. There are not many things which can show an obvious effect after you pay for it. But if you persist, you’ll notice that after a while base training becomes almost effortless. Even in a short period, training you can also see some effort latter although it is not apparent. Training in a short period requires you to work hard to maximize the impact and effectiveness. If you cannot persist even in a short time, how can you see more effect?

Perhaps you can download a watch app to help with timing which is used to tap you on the wrist when it is time to switch up.

Cycling effect concerns with your efficiency are skills, power, and speed. As you have enough power, you can control your speed as you want. Here are some ways of high quality to cycling training in a short period you can refer to enhance your power.

Workout 1:

15 minutes warm-up

5 minutes easy pedaling

1-minute Fast Pedal (low resistance, fast as you can pedal without bouncing in the saddle)

30 seconds easy pedaling

1 minute Max Effort (100+rpm)

30 seconds easy pedaling

1 minute Max Effort (100+rpm)

5 minutes easy pedaling

The intensities featured in the workouts below are available to all athletes using Training Peaks.

Workout 2:

In this workout, you are required to keep your heart rate high.

10 minutes warm up with a few easy calisthenic moves (like jumping jacks).

45 seconds do kettle bell swings

15 seconds slowly wave your hands

45 seconds do push-ups.

15 seconds slowly wave your hands

Repeat 4 times.

Workout 3:

Warm up with a few easy calisthenic moves.

40 seconds do snatch, pull & presses.

15 seconds slowly jump

40 seconds do push planks

15 seconds slowly jump

Repeat 4 times.

Workout 4:

45 seconds pedal with your left leg and rest your right foot on a box

45 seconds pedal with your right leg and rest your left foot on a box

45 seconds pedal with both legs

Repeat it three times.

If you started at 30 seconds, add five seconds a week until you reach 60. When you reach 60, add a fourth set.

What is more, you can try other methods such as squat, Kettlebell Swing, Hips bridge and so on.

Last but not least, you should remember that the consistent effort is a vital factor that makes indoor training more efficient. Do remember to make time for adequate recovery between sessions and adjust the intensity of your endurance to make sure your total workout contribute to making progress.