Ways You are Required to Know to Practice Your Cycling Tempo

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Did you ever attempt to keep a cycling tempo to make you more relax?

Let’s start analyzing and find out the ways to practice cycling tempo. What tempo actually relates to are the strength of legs, endurance, and cycling speed. Thus these are what you need to attach importance to. You are required to improve the strength of your legs, boost your endurance, and improve your cycling speed if you want to practice your cycling tempo.

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Why is the strength of your legs attached to cycling tempo?

Leg strength is the core of cycling and is of great significance because it provides absolutely most power for cycling. The more power you have, the faster you can ride and more advantages you can show, especially in a long distance.

How to improve the strength of your legs?

The well-known ways like squat, kettlebell swing, leg press, lunge, Hips Bridge, and single-legged pedaling you can have a try. They can strengthen hips, butt, and fronts and backs of thighs. Many people consider them as useful ways to improve legs strength and recommend them. Each of them have many variations, if you enjoy bodyweight training, you can make attempt to find new things to them so that you could keep challenging yourself and making progress. Find the suitable ways to practice, repeat and persist. You will be surprised to benefit from them.
Actually, in your daily life, picking up boxes, carrying groceries, or moving furniture will be easier when your lower body is used to squatting down and hinging at the hips. Although your arms are strong, you’ll be more efficient when lifting heavy things if you squat down and engage that gluteus and hammer. You can find more surprise and enjoy yourself in the course of exercise.

You can attempt to ride in bigger gears to practice for a consistent and higher power output.
You can apply this way in spending progressively longer time in a bigger gear in the course of a typical ride. For an instance, if you ride up a local three-mile hill in a gear combination of 34 x 19 as normal, you can increase your gearing to 34 x 17 for 180 seconds assuming that you’re riding a bike with a 50/34 crank and an 11/28 cassette. And in the next time, ride in 34 x 17 for 240seconds and then 300 seconds, etc. As long as you can ride the whole hill in 34 x 17 at the same cadence you previously held in 34 x 19. This can make a significant increase in power.

You can make an attempt to block training which includes a series of workouts for 2 or 3 consecutive days. After these is a certain amount of recovery (about a few days off or very simple workouts). Because the severe stress is usually placed on your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, block training is a way of effect to facilitate the physiological adaptation process and significantly increase your power. The key is to make sure that your body has adequate time to recover after training. For an instance, you can do a four-day training including hill intervals (1st Day), sprint intervals (2nd Day), a day off (3rd Day) and a simple recovery ride (4th Day). Likewise, you can perform a racing block that includes a criterium on Saturday and a road race on Sunday which is followed by a day off and an easy recovery ride. In above cases, you have adjusted yourself to consecutive days of high-intensity effort followed by easy recovery days. Remember to make sure you have already recovered from training before you start another high-intensity workout.

Cycling tips

About endurance, although you may have tried a lot of methods, you still cannot boost it as you hope in the beginning. It is because most of you are not able to persist. Persistence plays a role of great significance in boosting your endurance and doing other things well.

Riding in the headwind is not a good way from my perspective. Because you have to make clear that whether the wind is safe and if you ride in the wind you have good ideas to avoid the risk. Too many things are unexpected in a windy day. Compared with it, riding uphill is better. It can help to increase muscular endurance, which is the ability to pedal a relatively large gear at a moderate cadence for longer distance. It’s effective because cyclists are apt to reduce cadence and add average pedal force while riding uphill. One way to significantly enhance your power output is to progressively overload climbing distance. For example, you can start by doing hilly rides with 1,000 feet of climbing and slowly add distance until you are able to finish 3,000 feet of climbing. Another way to boost power is to do short, high-intensity sprint intervals up steep .hills. These sprints should last between 1 and 1.5 minutes. Simply ride downhill in recovery time and then sprint up again. Do about 12 sprint intervals in one workout. Repeat for as many times as you can.
Remember to warm up before you start. Make more effort until hit the point where you're above your comfort area, and hold it for about five minutes. Then back off and ride below your threshold point for five minutes. Repeat three times. You should start the next above-threshold interval before having achieved full recovery. Then cool down. Your lactate threshold arriving at the point when your body starts producing more lactate than you can absorb shows your maximum sustainable effort. With a high threshold, you can ride hard and long before your legs scream at you to back off. To boost your threshold, you had better get comfortable working above that level.
After completing the goals above, your cycling speed must be better controlled. You have improved your legs strength and boost your endurance. You can make a plan to practice your cycling tempo. Before that, you had better search for some tips on the internet. Eat healthily is the most important because it provides you with essential energy. Having not enough energy cannot support you riding for a long distance. And then make clear about the basic situation of your body. Have a better knowledge about when you are in the best state that can make you more efficient. What is more, recovery is of importance. You must take the time to recovery of your plan. Then you can practice better. Finally, do as you have planned. Persist for a given time, then you will find something surprising.

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