what are the best quality cycling helmets

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I believe no one would like to choose to ride in a car without a seat belt. So why ride a bike with no bike helmet? Helmets play an important role in cycling. This is what you have to because it's directly related to your life. If you don't want your head to explode when you go tumbling by accident. There is no legal system for riders to wear a helmet, but it has become a norm for cyclists to use one. Although all helmets serve the same purpose, plenty of variations also exists when talking about fit, weight, and ventilation. So you may think a question that: what is the standard of best helmets and how to choose a helmet?

Before I tell you the evaluation criterion, I have to tell you that there are three types of helmets.1) recreational helmets,(also called multi-use and casual helmets), which is an economic choice for road and mountain bikers. 2) road helmets, which are preferred by the road rider for their light weight, good ventilation, and aerodynamic design.3) mountain helmets, which are designed to ventilate well. They are characterized by their visors and a firm fit when you are passing a rough terrain.

best quality helmets

By law, all helmets must have the safety certificate. This ensures that all helmets you buy at the department store are qualified products (as long as you don't buy illegal helmets).Helmets have a few shapes, many sizes and plenty of colors. Choosing the best helmets seems like a tiresome process. Here are several factors that you should consider.

1、Helmet types

Helmets come in several different types, including:

Full-face helmet
As it is shown in its name, this type of helmet covers all face and head. It basically contains a moveable face shield to protect the eyes.

Three-quarter/open-face helmet
This type of helmet is similar to the full-face helmet but is does not have a movable face shield. It includes a snap-on face shield or goggles that can prevent the damage from high impact

"Short" half-helmet
This type of helmet just protects the top of your head. As you can see, it provides little security so it's not recommended for motorcycle riders.

2、 Helmet sizes

Try on your helmet on before buying it. Getting the right size will not only improve your comfort level but also ensure your safety.Basically, helmet sizes include "Small," "Medium," or "Large." If you buy a helmet online, you can grab a tape measure and take the measurement for the largest perimeter of your head. It should be barely above your eyebrows and your ears. Then comparing the result with a sizing chart to see which size helmets you should have a try on.

3、Helmet Weight

Generally, helmets' weight ranges from 1400 to 1800 grams. Too heavy weight may lead to uncomfortable that's why helmets don't take the material of alloy.

4、Be sure the helmets has good ventilation

Letting in airflow through the helmet is not just for comfort, but also for discharge the toxic gasses from the exhaust that can hold up inside the helmet. A chin vent and top vents are necessary which can let out the air around the head. A good venting helmet will have holes in the EPS liner which is along with the vent holes. Furthermore, ventilation channels do great helps to direct a higher volume of air volume of air around your head.

5、Note clarity of vision.

It's quite critical to be able to see so choose a helmet with a high-quality face shield. Besides, note the amount of peripheral vision and whether the face shield fogs up easily when you try the helmet on. Some helmets equip an anti-fog coating, which is an internal lens that totally clears up fogging. Some come with an internal sun visor which is deft. It means that you don't have to switch to dark when riding in bring light, or switch back to clear face shield at night.

6、select a helmet with a removable liner.

To prolong its life, washing it from time to time is really necessary. The proper fit is the key to the comfort liner. Some factors, like sweat and hair products, result in breaking the helmets down faster.

7、Think of communication

Some cyclists like to talk with other riders or listen to music and GPS instruction. There are many choices for riders who use Bluetooth technology inside the helmet. But some helmets build a unit to the outside of the helmets. This is not favorable which will cause extra wind drag and noise. Other companies provide systems that can be combined into the inner part of the helmets.

8、Replace your helmet that has been dropped and busted.

The helmet is a kind of "single-use" product. A helmet can be damaged at any time and any place without any visible signs. So don't take any risk. Falling is an unfortunate thing that is hardly impossible to predict and avoid. I can only tell you that be careful when wearing the helmet. Once your helmet has fulfilled it's single-use task, make sure to replace it immediately with another high-quality certified helmet. Some manufacturers provide replacement programs and some insurance companies also offer replacement of helmets to users, so do some investigation before you buy a helmet. Some helmet replacement programs, like Schuberth's mobility program, allows users to replace their crashed helmets with a new one for 1/3 of the retail price.

9、Don't buy a used helmet

You should bear in mind that a damaged helmet may have no visible signs. You can never imagine what a damaged helmet may bring to you. Please do yourself a favor. Don't save your money at the price of your life. A helmet that breakdowns can't protect you when you fall over.

Cycling can bring you much fun and entertainment as long as you ride with proper equipment, especially the helmets. A good helmet helps to create a favorable riding environment. I hope the above suggestions may help you.