What Cycling Cities In America Actually Beat Your Heart

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As the fourth biggest country in the world in terms of its land area, America has enjoyed a high reputation in cycling for years. A great number of cyclists come here each year, riding on their beloved bikes, enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the quite different cycling culture in America. I once went to America for cycling about two years ago, appealing to its freedom and openness. Although most of the American people have their own car at least one, cycling still enjoys the popularity among both of the young and the old. There is no doubt that lots of cyclists would like to have a cycling journey in America, however, with so many various cities there, they completely have no idea that which city is the perfect option for their cycling trip. Therefore, today, I would like to introduce some wonderful cycling cities in America for you. Here we go!

cycling in chicagoAs the third-most populous city in America, even though not for cycling, Chicago is the must-visit city that you cannot miss. Chicago has a long history of cycling, which could be dated back to the 1860s when early bicycles first arrived here. Since then cycling spread pretty fast and become the main transportation for people in Chicago. In 2017, 100-miles of protected lanes are completed, thus Chicago becomes the first major U.S. city with a downtown network of protected bike lanes. Therefore, if you choose Chicago to be your cycling city in America, you don’t need to worry about there are not good-quality biking facilitates. Of course, if you are a mountain bike enthusiast, Chicago may not be a suitable place for you, because it can not accommodate you to chew up some trails. However, Chicago still can provide most cyclists various awesome pathways. There are some wonderful cycling routes that are worth for you to have a try. Such as a scenic route through Sculpture park, a wide ride through forest preserves, a ride to a rare Baha’i temple and breathtaking gardens and so on. You can definitely enjoy the semi-challenging and fun routes in Chicago, working in beautiful lagoons, cultural detours, and brewery pit-stops along the way. You will definitely have a fantastic cycling enjoyment.

San Francisco
When it comes to cycling, San Francisco is still a quite young city. Until 1848,cycling in san francisco cycling started to have a name in San Francisco. However, in recent years, as the government attaches more and more attention to the cycling infrastructure improvement, cycling begins to become a popular transportation and exercise in San Francisco. San Francisco has become a well-known two-wheeled haven nowadays, with scenic vistas at nearly every turn and more bike lanes being built every day, numerous cyclists are attracted to have a cycling journey here from all over the world. Here are some destination-centric bike rides in San Francisco that worth for you to have a try. Such as the golden gate bridge to Sausalito, the hawk hill loop, the Fort Funston, the Valencia street cruise, the baker beach which is closer than you think and so on.

Portland, Oregon
Portland is well-known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in America. Before a long time ago, bikes have been populous in Portland as a method of transportation for thousands of Portlanders. As reportedly, nearly more cycling in Portland, Oregonthan 7% of Portlanders tend to use the bike to commute and a great number of them tend to ride bikes daily for business. In 2017, Portland is aiming to complete its 20 bikeway and add 9 more miles to its 86-mile network of streets prioritising bike riders. The city is dedicated to providing the as excellent as possible cycling facilities to cyclists from all over the world. Therefore, there is no need to worry about that you cannot enjoy yourself in Portland, have a try here, you may surprise how amazing it is. Here are some wonderful cycling routes that worth trying. Such as the Madras Mountain Views Scenic Bikeway, the Sherar’s Falls Scenic Bikeway, Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway, Sisters to Smith Rock Scenic, McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway, Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway and so on.

New York City
Cycling has a pretty important impact on New York City. With the bicycle cycling in New York Cityboom in the late 19th century, cycling became an indispensable part of New Yorkers’ daily life. Cycling in New York City is not simply a transportation tool, but rather more about recreation and sport. Enjoy a high reputation of its beautiful natural scenery, there are countless cycling enthusiasts come here each year to start their wonderful cycling trips. Here are some beautiful destinations you can reach by bike from New York that experienced cyclists have highly recommended. Such as Brewster, NY, Bronxville, NY, Coney Island and Rockaway Beach, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, Hoboken, NJ, Mattituck, NY, New Rochelle, NY, Nyack, NY, Palisades Park, NJ, Untermyer Gardens & Conservatory, Yonkers, NY, Sandy Hook, NJ, Piermont, NY, Palisades Park, NJ and so on.

In recent years, Seattle is stepping up its cycling culture by improving its cycling in Seattlecycling facilitates and infrastructure. The city is also working to improve its bicycling capacity to aim to accommodate more cycling enthusiast to enjoy themselves here. In spite of its many hills, it is still on the track to improving its bicycle culture. Whether you live in the Seattle or are planning to have a trip here, here are some fantastic destinations for day trips by bike that worth to have a try for you. Such as Seattle to Tacoma, Seattle to Edmonds, Seattle to Lake Stevens, Marysville, and Arlington, Seattle to Snohomish, Seven Wonders of Ballard, Seattle to Lake Forest Park, Everett’s Easy Road Ride, Country Riding on the Everett-Lake Roesiger Loop, The Classic Camano Island Loop, Gravel Biking the Stillaguamish Valley, Snohomish Bikes: The Centennial Trail, Snohomish to Arlington on the Centennial Trail, Nakashima Farm Ride-Pedaling Through History on the Centennial Trail and so on.

To recap

Actually, in addition to the cities that I have given a brief introduction above, there are still a lot of wonderful cities in America that are suitable for cycling. What I say here are the top five cities in America that most experienced cyclists have recommended. If you have any better ideas, welcome to leave your messages to me. Anyway, the world is so big and fantastic, it worth you to take a look. For more related information, please read on our website:http://www.cycling4you.com/.