What Do You Actually Require To Do On A Cycling Club

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Are you still thinking about joining a cycling club? Stop hesitating! Do it! However, being part of the club is just the first step of your journey. After taking part in the group, there are still plenty of things you require to pay attention to. Clubs are the backbone of grassroots cycling, thus when you finally pick your best option, you had better figure out the dos and don’ts in the cycling club. So our today’s topic is on what you should do on a cycling club if you are confusing on such issue too, this article is just for you. Here we go.

Be self-sufficient
Even though you have joined a team, usually the group leader will get all join a cycling clubthings done and prepare well, you still need to take some basic tools as you are going to ride solo. Tire levers, a spare tube, patch kit and a multi-tool are the necessities of your cycling trip. During the journey, of course, if you have a problem, your companion will definitely help you. However, it is always wise to get yourself prepared.

Have food and drink
It is always of great importance to supply sufficient nutrition before, during and even after the cycling. This tip is actually suitable for both of solo and group cycling. Anyway, you should as least take one full bidon, tow if your trip will be a long ride. A few energy gels or bars and some cash are also necessary, which is prepared for you in case that you might stop for coffee and cake somewhere. Because you know, some rural cafes don’t accept cards.

Know the lingo
After joining a cycling club, you must know some hand signals that are used join a cycling club
on club rides in order to communicate with other cyclists better. For example, pointing to a pot hole, waving up and down next to your hip to tell riders behind you are slowing, or pointing behind your back to say you are moving around an object as well as indicating left and right. These signals are actually pretty easy to grasp, but as long as you know well how to use them properly, your cycling enjoyment will be improved to a larger extent.

Be friendly
It is natural to get nervous when you first get into a new group and environment, getting along with so many strangers. But try to relax and enjoy the conversation during the cycling. Since you have selected the group you are willing to join, all those members of the team actually share the common interest. Therefore, even though you don’t know each other at the first beginning, a few shared experience of cycling can get you know quite well. It is lucky to be a number in a comfortable team with riders in your speed. Being friendly will help you get into the team faster.

join a cycling club

Be punctual
No matter what team you are in, being on time always matters a lot. Don’t arrive late, never, ever. Don’t waste others time. And when you are in the cycling club, if they don’t know you are coming, the team may probably leave without you. After all, no one would like to sacrifice his own time on waiting for others. And trust me, you will not want to chase after the tail end of a moving group. That is terrible. So be punctual all the time will be a wise choice.

Ride in line
For your own safety sake, riding in line is always in the top priority. Remember that don’t half wheel or overlap wheels. Try to ride next tightly to your partner, don’t pull slightly ahead of them, which is called half-wheeling. Also, don’t allow your front wheel to protrude to the left or right of their rear wheel, which is called overlapping.

Listen to the ride leader
join a cycling clubSince you have taken part in the club, then you have to obey some rules. Listening to the ride leader is the first one, which will help make sure the order. As the ride leader, it is likely he or she will have planned the route and he will probably be the one that knows every twist and turns. No matter what happens, try to listen out for any calls from them.

Don’t treat a club ride like a race
When you are cycling with the cycling group, it is no need to be nervous and worries that you cannot catch up with cyclists. Be relax and keep in your own comfortable speed is enough. Assuming you have chosen a ride of a suitable pace then people will be more than happy to regroup and wait for you. Don’t get upset if you fell behind the team a little bit. Also, if you find you are stronger than everyone else, you will need to wait for others a little bit and spin gently.

Prepare your kit and bikejoin a cycling club
Get everything prepared is always a wise choice. When you are doing a fantastic cycling, you must want to avoid those unexpected troubles. General speaking, a good club will ensure you are looked after, but it is really the best that you get everything prepared.

Make sure:

♣ ♣ Your gears and brakes are working – ideally not squeaking!

♣ ♣ Your bike is set up in a comfortable position– you don’t want to be worrying about saddle angle mid-ride

♣ ♣ You’ve got a spare inner tube or patches, tyre levers, a mini pump or Co2, and a multi-tool

♣ ♣ You are carrying enough food and drink for your ride

♣ ♣ You’ve got some cash. Anyone at my own club will laugh at this, as I’m often the one trying to pay for a flapjack and a coffee with a debit card – but usually club coffee stops are at cute cafes in the lanes, that quite often don’t accept cards

♣ ♣ You’re wearing kit that you’re comfortable in and that is fit for the conditions on the weather forecast (no one will judge you for not having a rain jacket if you’re hit by a random flash flood, just be sensible!).

To recap

Joining a cycling club is the first wonderful step in your life. However, how to enjoy it during this period is also an important lesson. As a near one-year member in the cycling club, I really have a good time there. I hope all the tips I have shared above can really help you to enjoy the cycling in the club. If you have any better idea, welcome to leave your messages to me. Welcome to browse other related essays on our website.