What is the best distance to ride as a beginner?

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Cycling is more and more popular among people, have you made your plans for cycling? Or are you going to set off for your first cycling journey? Are you still confused with all kinds of different ideas provided by the so-called cyclists on the net? Starts as a beginner, there is no doubt that a lot of uncertain ideas and issues root in your heart. One of the main issues must relate with the cycling distance. We will have a discussion in terms of this question on this passage.cycling

My advice is that a 50 to 90km cycling sportive is doable for a beginner unless you have some health issues( such as breathing problems or knee pain). Some beginners don’t concern about the exercise and sports in their spare time, which leads to poor physical strength, while some people take exercise and do sports regularly, and they have a very strong body.

Compared with everyone’ s physical condition and quality, the cycling distance depends more on your own body condition, if you are in a poor physical strength, 50 miles or so a day may be the best distance, or it maybe still a big challenge for some weaker beginners, but in my view, it’s doable for a common man. If you can’t really finish it, you can shorten your distance. For the other people who are in a good physical strength, you can cycle longer distances due to your energy. You can cycle 90 miles or more a day even reach to 100 miles above as a challenge. However, I suggest you’d better control your distance less than 90 miles a day. Don’t forget the fact that you are at the first steps as the beginners. Never try to challenge your ultimate at the beginning. Cycling is a long-term training sport, nothing can attain the highest level in one step. You will hurt yourself if you overdose. The step-by-step process is the best choice for all of you beginners.

Cycling should be moderate, especially for the beginners. Young people have plenty of energy, Cycling exercise strengthens physical fitness and keeps you in good health. But excessive movement harms a lot to your body. Most people pay little attention to excessive exercise, some are wrong to think: "ride as fast as riding better." however, riding over, easily lead to physical injuries. Everything has a degree, exercise is no exception. Beginners’ degree is lower than the skilled cyclists’, you can’t put your cycling goal at their cycling standard, except you are skilled enough to reach their cycling level and body condition.

cycling Excessive riding results in an excessive de force, it can make the immune function damage, and affect health. Because when people take strenuous exercise, the body will produce more hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which will lead to the decline of their own immunity, and appear dizziness, balance ability is insufficient, the brain reaction will be influenced. After excessive exercise, blood supply is not smooth, easy to cause malignant arrhythmias leading to sudden death.

The most obvious symptom of excessive cycling is the pain. The most obvious areas are hand, wrist, cervical spine, lumbar spine, knee joint and prostate. They may also lead to decreased responsiveness, lower balance, and lower muscle elasticity, what a pity is that many cyclists don’t realize this bad result and just regard such pain as fatigue.

As a cycling beginner, you should keep it in mind that appropriate exercise is better than excessive exercise. Just like running, you can’t try to run ten circles around the track at one time, if you do so, the next days you will suffer from pain on your legs, resulting in the difficulty of going upstairs and downstairs. So as what I mention above, my advice for your cycling distance is that control it between 50 to 90miles a day according to your true physical condition. By doing in this way, you can reduce your pain and fatigue, because you can have enough rest during your cycling, and you won’t put so much pressure on yourself and your legs. Your legs will not be so stiff and tremble after a day’s continuous movement. As for the cycling beginners, the first period is the training time, you can try to practice your cycling skills on the top, and build up a good basis for your cycling, also you can enjoy the beautiful scene along the path, it can provide more energy owning to your great curiosity about nature. In contrast, if you focus more on the distance, it’s not good for your following cycling because of the inadequate experience and the unfair body's adjustment.cycling

Cycling at a short distance at the beginning, and then you can speed up gradually. It doesn’t matter to start slowly, anyway, control your distance according to your physical condition.