what should you consider about when cycling trying to conceive

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Many pregnant women may have such a confusion: can a pregnancy ride a bike to work? What will happen if doing in this way? To be honest, if you’re a pregnant woman, you can also ride a bike. According to the medical studies, doing some exercise is beneficial for your health and your fetal during the period of pregnancy. As soon as you avoid strenuous exercise and over fatigue, it’s not to put you in danger but can strengthen your heart, lung and muscle function. Therefore, in cases where there is no high risk of miscarriage, you can also ride your bike and do some sports in the first and second stage of pregnancy. On the other hand, for a gravida, what should you consider to do when you try to ride a bike?riding when you are pregnant

You should adjust your seat in an appropriate state, hold your rear seat higher and change your cushion to a softer one. It's better to put a sponge seat on the saddle to buffer the reverse pressure to your private parts.
Mammy should ride a woman’s car. When you ride a man’s car, it’s easy to cause straddle injury in an emergency condition. Slow down your speed, in case of the undesirable consequences that produce by leg fatigue and Pelvic over congestion. Pregnant women due to the inconvenient body, it’s not easy for you to get in or get off the bike, so don’t carry too heavy things in the backseat.
In general, it’s not a good idea for a pregnant woman to take a long distance riding. Because of the over fatigue and the change of climate and environment, there exist much bad stimulation for mommies and fetal health. When you ride at an uneven or steep road, don’t force yourself to ride, due to strenuous vibration and overexertion, it will do harm to your perineum and have a bad effect on your fetus, too.
Pregnant 3 months before is the critical period of embryo implantation, I suggest you’d better not ride. Early pregnancy is the embryonic stage of development, and the fetus is in a very unstable state, it may be easy to lead to abortion due to your carelessness.
When pregnant women are in late pregnancy, there is a big change in weight due to shape, to prevent premature rupture of amniotic fluid and lead to unexpected accidents, you’d better give up your bike and walk to work, nothing is more important than your and your fetal safety and health during this sensitive period. During the time of pregnancy, once appear abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and so on, you should see a doctor at once and take protective action, you can’t afforcycling tips for pregnancyd to be careless
Such as pregnant women suffering from hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and nephritis, it is best not to ride. The streets are large traffic flow rate, it is not suitable for pregnant women to ride. Because the tiny particles of locomotive exhaust gas easily lead to human’s vascular damage, increase the risk of the rider and suffer from a heart attack.
Don’t ride alone. When you want to ride your bike, you need to ask someone to be with you, whether your husband, your families or your friends, all in all, avoid riding alone. For the reason that whenever you ride, there will exist the possibility of falling down or other risks, with the companion on your side, you can get first aid at least and decrease other risks. In addition, you need to carry a mobile phone and a water bottle.
Watch out for stray dogs. Riding a bicycle requires not only attention to balance but also you need to keep an eye on the cars and wild dogs around you. Sometimes the dogs may bark even chase the strangers, which can scare you and lead to your injury as well. So you need to be very careful.
Don’t try to carry children. If you have other children, don’t try to carry them on your bike. Because they are naughty and can easily make you lose your balance and fall down.
Prepare precautions. You should know what is the best action to take when youcycling are in danger, how to connect with your family and doctor. After all, accidents are here and there, who knows what will happen next moment.
Know your limits. Whatever exercise you take, you should know your limits clearly, don’t force yourself to do too much that beyond your ability, otherwise, it will just be opposite to what you wished.
Proper supplement of heat. Any exercise will consume your heat, and it’s not good for the fetus, so you should supply heat to your body appropriately. You can eat some nuts, soda bread, milk and other food.

There is no problem to ride a bike for a pregnant mother if you consider the things I mentioned above. Some appropriate exercise is also needed. According to some doctors’ opinion, exercise plays an important role in the fetal growth and health. It can promote blood circulation, improve the content of oxygen in the blood, stimulate the fetal brain, sense organs, balance organs and the development of the fetus and respiratory system. Anyway, riding a bike to exercise for a pregnancy has good effects but also will exist some risks, you can ride but you must assure your safety and decrease the rate of risks as possible as you can.