What to eat during the cycling

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If you have watched any professional long distance cycling race, you may notice there are feed zones during the cycling. Feed Zones are specific portions of race courses designated by race organizers for the delivery of food and drink to riders. In these predetermined areas support staff of the teams are positioned on one side of the road to hand off bottles and/or bags with food and drink that can easily be slung over the shoulder. Riders simply ride by looking for their support staff who will typically be wearing the same uniform so as to be easily identified and grab the things they need.eat during the cycling

If you burn 500-800 calories per hour of riding (varies for everybody, but we can run with this assumption), you'll burn 1500-2400 calories in 50 miles, or about what you should eat in a day. While cycling, you can consider having bananas, chocolate. besides that, it is suggested taking the RRUNN During Isotonic Electrolyte Sports . This is an isotonic sports drink that keeps your fluid levels optimal, and maintains your endurance ability. Moreover, the Amino acids increase electrolyte uptake and reduce fatigue. If you are hungry, consider having food that is not oily or unhealthy on the road. Simple food that is easily digested and offers a lot of carbs is a good idea.

Thirdly, once, your ride is done ensure to have a drink like RRUNN post. Post your activity, your muscles are sore, and your muscle glycogen and electrolyte levels are low. The muscle damage sustained during your activity needs to be repaired and the body needs the nutrients to promote the building of new muscle. RRUNN Post refuels you with carbohydrates and pea protein in the optimal 4:1 ratio, electrolytes, vitamin C, Curcumin Extract and KSM-66 (Ashwagandha Root Extract) for comprehensive recovery.

If you're on a budget, and have one of those pop-top gel dispensers (like, GU, etc.), try filling it with any number of pancake syrups you can find at the local grocer. Considerably less expensive than the gels you purchase in bulk. And, you might find a good number of "common ingredients" between the syrup and expensive gels. One thing to mention here: the food chosen really comes down to personal preference. You should combine the food taken with you during the cycling with your taste.eat during the cycling

More importantly, keep yourself hydrated! You will have to stop at least 2 times to fill in your water bottles and if you are not, you need to drink more water while riding. Have one bottle with Electrode and one bottle with just plain water. Take Energy drink such as 2 bottles of Isostar Long Energy. Mix some in your water bottle and take another 'serving' in powder in a plastic bag. That way you can fill your bottle with water and add the powder to get another full bottle. Then here follows the flapjack, malt loaf, frusili bar, banana's (delete as appropriate). besides, you need to drink at regular intervals - 2 bottles of 2 700ml drinks are suggested over 60 miles and you may consume merely 1 bottle within an hour and a half. Tip: Watermelon juice during these rides are heavenly! If you are going to be cycling under the heat, ensure to also take a look at the salt capsules. They will do wonders.