What You Actually Require To Do Before Mountain Cycling

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Mountain cycling, with the great popularity it enjoys, is widely spreading to all corners of the world and has a high reputation among cyclists. Whether you are an enthusiastic mountain biker or not, mountain cycling as an awesome sport, you may have a try with it one day. However, taking part in the mountain cycling is just a quick thought, before you really start to do it, there is still something you are required to keep in mind. As for me, of course, I love this sport and have tried several times with some of my friends. Thus according to my experience, here are some tips on what you should prepare before your mountain cycling I would like to share with you. I hope that you can learn from our mistakes and enjoy your mountain biking. Here we go.

Check your bike
When it comes to the mountain cycling, a good-quality mountain bike, of mountain bikecourse, matters a lot and can make a big difference. Make sure you have one as you decided to mountain biking. If you have already had one, then check your bike carefully to see to it that it can still run well. Check your tires to make sure they are properly inflated. Check the nuts or quick release mechanisms that hold your wheels in place. Verify that your wheels are securely fastened. Check your spokes to ensure there are none that are broken or loose. Squeeze your brake levers to make sure they apply enough pressure to stop your bike. Check to make sure that your handlebar is set at the right height. Check if your chain turns cleanly through your front and rear sprocket and doesn’t rub against the derailleurs. Finally, make sure that your bike has been lubricated properly. As a matter of fact, all of these checks will not take you much time. However, this inspection is necessary and is an easy way to ensure you stay as safe as possible when you are out on your bike, especially when you are climbing the mountain.

Take it easy
Well, this is actually not only for the beginners but rather for all of the cyclists that are going to mountain biking. When you are out to your destination, don’t worry about your gear so much. Just go and have. I don’t know why, but many mountain cyclists tend to consider if they stuck on the gear, their ride will be much easier, faster and smoother. However, it is not really the case. What matters on your trip is actually more about your skills, experience and how do you feel. Therefore, don’t push yourself too hard, take it easy. If you really want to spend money on improving your cycling enjoyment and safety. Why not get some professional training and cycle more. As an old saying has said, “practice makes perfect.”

Watch out your body position
A proper body position can help get your mountain cycling an easier and mountain cycling positionmore comfortable one. There is various body position adjustment you need to keep in mind before you get the start of your mountain biking. Above all is about your basic ready position. You should loosen up and stand up. Then drop your heels and support your core mass with your legs but not your hands. Then heels down, head up, elbows up, engage your core and cover your brakes. Secondly is your climbing position. Get low, sit or stand, manage power output and select the gear according to the specific condition. When riding downhill, look ahead, bend your elbows, keep heels down, cover your brakes and stay loose. Last but not least is about your braking position. You need to stay smooth, look for traction and brake straight.

Choose your partners
Of course, it is a bad idea that you would like to have a solo ride. It is dangerous. Thus, when you have made the decision to have a mountain biking, you had better make an appointment with your several friends in advanced. And when it comes to choosing your partner, it is highly recommended that you can try to ride with people who are better than yourself. Riding with people better than yourself, your own skill will improve drastically just by catching their wheel and imitating their lines, which will be a tonne of fun and you can do things you thought previously undoable. When you cycling with them, watch their lines, their stance on the bike and how they attack trail features, you will definitely learn a lot from them and you will be amazed how much you can progress in one ride.

mountain cycling partner

Remember the rules of the trail
No matter what kind of activity or sport you are in, there are some rules you need to obey. Only when you keep them in mind, can you really enjoy your cycling and protect yourself from unnecessary trouble. According to my limited experience, there are generally top six rules that you are required to pay attention to. First of all, ride open trails, which is more about respecting trail and road closures. Secondly, leave no trace, be sensitive to the dirt beneath you and the environment around you. Then control your bicycle, ride within your limits and obey all the mountain biking regulations and recommendations. Also, remember to yield appropriate, do your utmost to let your fellow trail users know you are coming, for example, a friendly greeting or bell ring. Then never scare animals, give animals enough room and time to adjust to you. last but not least, plan ahead and strive to be self-sufficient.

To recap

Here, our today’s topic is approaching its end. If you are planning your near mountain biking, I really hope that these tips can help you. And if you have never tried to mountain cycling, I sincerely suggest that you can have a try and do it now. It will definitely not let you down. Anyway, my experience is limited, if you have any better idea, welcome to leave your message to me. Also, welcome to browse other related essays on our website.