What You Should Actually Do With Cycling As You Age

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Do you still remember your first bike or riding? As an enthusiast in cycling for years. The first experience of my cycling when I was a little girl is still daunting on my memory. Although my first bicycle was an abandoned old one of my father, it still gave me great enjoyment in cycling in my childhood. My beloved bike explored the unknown world with me and taught me how to overcome those unexpected problems. However somehow, one day, a strange idea occurs in my mind. What if I get old one day. I am sure for the most, getting old to some extent is equal to quit cycling for your limited energy in your old age. For a quite long time, I was wondering that if I have to stop my beloved cycling when I get old? That must be a disaster for me, either do many cycling enthusiasts. But gradually, I find that it is actually not all about the case. Old age is not the opposition of cycling, on the contrary, cycling can not only help you keep active but also improve your health to a larger extent when you are old. Nest, let’s figure out how to do cycling with old age.

Slow cycling
First of all, it is of great importance that you must be aware of that you have old aged cyclingbeen old. Your energy is limited. Thus it is impossible for you to ride as fast and long-distance as the young. Even though those professional athletes who have been training and competing at the top level for many years, when they are getting old, the decline of their performance is also unavoidable. Therefore for the concern of your health, slow cycling will be a wise choice. You can also appreciate the beautiful scenery along the road and enjoy your aged time to a larger extent.

Train your age
In order to assure your excellent performance and wonderful enjoyment in cycling at your old age, some particular training is necessary. Here is some training that aims at helping you with cycling when getting old.

♠♠♠ High-intensity training

As we all know, when we are aged, it is quite normal for us that old aged cyclingour performance will decline. However, few really know the reason, thus they have no idea on what to do with their age in cycling. General speaking, the reduction of VO2 max is considered as the key reason for our declining performance as we age. Therefore, including some top-end training to maintain the fitness in VO2 is a necessary. In this case, high-intensity training comes in handy. Intervals of 2-5min in length will provide an effective training stimulus.

♠♠♠ Strength training

Well, you cannot deny that when you are aged, your health will decline to some extent no matter how hard you try to keep it. The loss of type-2 fast-twitch muscle fibres is a possible issue at your old age. In this case, a weekly or twice weekly depending on your health condition and preference strength training which will minimise or negate this loss will be extremely vital. As a matter of fact, this kind of training can be completed in cycling, thus you can save your training time to do cycling as well. Of course, a loss of bone density is also a risk as you get older, thus some training in the weights room at the gym which can minimise the chances of developing conditions such as osteoporosis will matter a lot.

old aged cycling

♠♠♠ Recovery

Well, speak to this, I believe that a great number of aged cyclists actually have no problem to deal with the process of cycling, however, most of them will struggle to recover from the training or riding. Well, for this case, the first principle you must keep in mind is that protecting yourself is the key session to improve and maintain your fitness. As some professional cyclists who have successfully maintained performance as they are age suggested, it is no need to train hard but rather train smart. Be clear of your strengths and weakness, don’t push yourself too hard, after all, you are not young anymore.

♠♠♠ Choose your eventold aged cycling

You must accept that when you age, it is frankly impossible for you to compete
with youngsters and complete a good result. However, don’t get upset, if you are keen on competing even though, at your old age, you can still give yourself a good chance to improve your relative performance to your peers. If your top-end aerobic fitness is declining but your sub-max fitness is more stable at your old age, then a switch to longer events will be highly recommended. Insist on doing it, there is no problem for you to win them over within your age group.

♠♠♠ Body composition

Well, when you are young, you may not care so much about weight increase, because you know that as long as you want, you can actually lose them easily. However, it will be getting more and more difficult when you age. Therefore, it is significantly vital for you to keep a healthy weight when getting old, which is simply a question of consistency becoming much more important as we age.

Nutrition during and after cycling
Proper eating and drinking are of vital significance for better performance andold aged cycling of course avoiding fatigue, particularly for the older cyclists. Foods or drinks that contain carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and some protein are the perfect for the cyclists for their riding. You must supplement enough nutrition before or during your cycling in order to assure wonderful performance. And when it comes to after your cycling, the sooner an athlete eats or drinks carbohydrate after exercise, the more effective the recovery process.

To recap

Here, our today’s topic is approaching its end. There is no age at which cycling stops being an option, and as a matter of fact, for those who tend to cycle regularly into older age add years to their life expectancy. In a word, don’t give up cycling at your old age. If you have any better ideas, welcome to leave your messages to me. Welcome to read other related essays on our website.