why so many people have a crush on fixed-gear bike

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why so many people love fixed gear bike
fixed gear bike
A fixed gear bike (commonly known in some places as a fixie) is one speed bike with no free wheel to coast. The pedals literally move with the wheels, if you pedal forward you will move forward and if you pedal backwards, you will move back. Fixed gear bikes are fun to ride as well as being pretty trendy. With the advantages of simplicity, reliability and low requirement of maintenance compared to other bicycles, fixed gear bikes have become a popular alternative among hipsters and track cyclists. However, fixed gear bikes are not just for hipsters and track cyclists, and this article will talk about why so many people have a crush on fixed gear bikes.

Low weight
Unlike bicycles with tons of accessories, one of the biggest advantages of a fixed gear bike is low weight. Without the added parts like derailleurs, shifters, extra cables, freewheel hubs and shocks, a fixed gear bike is lighter than its geared equivalent. coming with the bare minimum of bits and bobs, a fixed gear bike is easier to carry up when you face stairs, easier to carry or push up and down hills, easier to store and most importantly easier to move around no matter where you are. you can move all by yourself. Due to the reduced weight, fixed gear bikes are better for bike racks. Light frames, no gears and thin tires will bring you a wonderful trip.less weight

Long ago buying a bike means buying tons of accessories as well as a bike. In the digital age, people tend to look for simple and reliable models that just get the job done. The simple look of fixed gear bike can help you meet the need of simplicity without having to pay for the expense. If you pedal faster, you will go faster and if you pedal slower, you will go slower and this simple patterns will make a difference in your riding experience.

Much cheapness
As we all know, road bike and mountain bikes are relatively expensive, especially when you want a really good one of famous brand. To be honest, fixed gear bikes can also be very expensive if you want a designer one. Generally speaking, most fixed gear bikes can be bought relatively cheap or can be built for next to nothing. You can find an old beat-up bike, buy a new hub and new tires, throw away all extraneous hardware and get a splash of paint, then you will get a new fixed gear bike.

Ease of maintenance and durability
With such few parts, the maintenance of the fixed gear bike is easy. Many bike messengers started to ride their first fiexe because of their durability and relatively maintenance-free nature. There is no cable tension to adjust or replace outside of a single brake, no limit stops, no easily bent derailleur hangers, or no shifters full of easily damaged parts, a fiexe won’t end up spending almost all your maintenance hours on it. What you need to do is just to check the tires,oil the chain and make sure the chain is tight. Besides, fewer moving parts of a fixie means fewer mechanisms that could go haywire and break, and even though something breaks, it’s very easy to repair and replace. Hence, the advantages of durability and low maintenance attract many riders.

Getting more exercise
If you are going to lose weight by riding bike, then a fixed gear bike is an ideal choice. When you ride a fixed gear bike, you are constantly engaged which means no lazy coasting and burn more calories. This is good for some people who want to get a better workout. It’s an ideal trainer because it’s more aerobic. Get a fixed gear bike and open a whole new world of healthy life for yourself.

Locking up outside
A fixed gear bike won’t attract thieves due to its very low maintenance. Besides, fewer parts mean fewer things to steal. The Track wheels of fixed gear bikes are bolt-on, and are often cheaper to build than a road wheelset. Also, because it’s more difficult to ride, it’s harder fro thieves to steal. You don’t have to worry about your rear derailleur getting damaged or bent when someone carelessly locks up next to you.

More customization
One of the biggest advantage of fixed gear bike is you can add your touch to make it unique. Of course, you can modify, paint and customize any bike, but in the world of fixed gear bike, customizing is easier and more funny. It’s not just about buying new colored tires or adding decals to the upper tube. With endless choices, there is no end how unique and special you can make your fixed gear bike. Endless customization not only gives you a convenient way to travel, but also expresses your individuality and creativity. more customization

More efficiency
As fixed-gear expert Sheldon Brown put it, a fixed gear bike on the same gear as a multi speed bike is more efficient. Due to a more mechanically efficient drivetrain, a fixed gear bike with straightforward power from pedal to wheel requires less energy and less effort to get moving than almost any other bike going.

The end

Have you understood why fixed gear bikes are so popular? Have you understand what makes them special? Have you consider buying one? Despite above advantages, fixed gear bikes are not for everyone. If you are fond of typical bikes and hate fixed gear bike, or you don’t like new experience, you’d better ride whatever you want to ride and whatever you ride, security comes first.