Why You Require To Actually Join A Cycling Club

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As a near 10-year cyclist so far, of course, I enjoy cycling, in other words, I was a little bit crazy about it. However, for years, I have been only a solo rider. For me, cycling was not simply a way to relax but rather an escape to get away from those life’s ills. But recently, I was thinking about taking part in the cycling club and have fun with other cyclists that share the common interest. Why? The primary reason is that I am actually pretty anti-social and kind of lost in my own world. Thus, one day, one thought strikes me suddenly, why not join a cycling club. Why not try to be part of a network of cycling friends, or simply have a group to socialise with? I shall have fun with this idea! Therefore, if you have the same idea with me or are hesitating if you should join a cycling club, well, here you are. Today’s topic is just for you. Let’s get the start together to figure out why we ought to join a cycling club.

It is for everyone
Unlike other activities and groups, joining a cycling club is comparatively joining a cycling clubeasy. Regardless of your fitness levels, age, gender, experience, economic condition or equipment, there is a choice for you. Therefore, everyone who is in the group is here for nothing but the love of cycling. With the common agenda, it is easy for you to make friends here and be part of it. And with different cycling-level cyclist here, you will definitely learn a lot and push your cycling to another level.

Meet like-minded riders
Even though enjoy the same name of the cycling club, clubs, as a matter of fact, are different in various respects. For example, some clubs are just for cycling while others are centred on racing as well. Thus finding the one that fits you perfectly is a lesson you require to think about carefully. General speaking, the larger the club is, the more and colourful activities it likely to has. As long as you spend some time figuring out what the club is mainly about before you join the club, you must meet some like-minded riders and enjoy yourself with them.

joining a cycling clubWhen it comes to the direct benefit of joining the cycling club, it must be the companionship with other members in the group. You may have such experience that when you are riding alone and there is something wrong with your bike or yourself, sometimes you can work out at once, however, most of the time, the feeling of loneliness and helplessness rise from your heart and you completely have no idea on what you should do. But when you are being in the group, you don’t need to worry about such thing anymore. When something happens and you cannot solve it, there will be someone in the group to fix it.

Also, when you are riding to climb the hill, if you conquer the hill on your own, there is no doubt that things will get harder, and you will give up easily when tired. However, when you are in the club with other cyclists, you will encourage others, talking jokes to ease your fatigue. Almost all the cycling clubs will hold a principle that “no rider left behind”. So even though there are some riders might get a bit frisky on hills, they will wait for the rest the group to reassemble at the top. Anyway, with a group to cycling, you will receive great incentive and feel the warmth of others.

joining a cycling club

Skill Building
Believe it or not, riding with a cycling club is a good way to learn useful road skills. Why? When you join the club, you will find there are a great number of activities nearly every week. You will have the chance to visit various places. During the journey, of course, some unavoidable incidents would happen, in this case, with so many experienced cyclists, you can definitely learn a lot of practical and useful skills on bicycling, such as warning of hazards and following a wheel.

New roads and routes
When you are solo, even though you try to explore different roads and joining cycling clubroutes, you have to accept that your knowledge is limited. Therefore, it is inevitable that you have to repeat the same old rides many times. Fed up with this? It is time to make a change. Joining a cycling club will definitely meet your need of colourful routes and roads. The club ride leaders are dedicated to finding out the suitable routes and roads for members to cycling. Thus, if you take part in a cycling club, what you need to do is enjoy the cycling trip with your friends.

Riding with a group is definitely safer than riding alone. When you join the club, they must ensure your safety and is responsible for along the journey. And when something happens, a group is, of course, stronger than you own. You can take care of each other. There is an old saying in ancient China that “two heads are better than one.”

joining cycling club

To recap

Now, I have been a local cycling club member for a year, I met lots of like-minded people and make many fun as well as interesting friends. And also, I have gained valuable information about cycling techniques, bicycle repair as well as other useful cycling skills and visited countless wonderful places. I am happy that I make the choice to take part in the club. Discover new routes and destinations with friends, plan and organise multi-day touring trips together, sit in a coffee shop at the end of a ride and have a nice talk. These unforgettable memories will be daunting in my mind forever. To sum up, don’t hesitate anymore, join a cycling right now, you will have a good time! If you have any better idea, welcome to leave me your messages. Welcome to browse other related articles in our website.