You require to know ----some effective balance skills in biking

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The balance skills are of vital in biking. Good balance skills can provide you a good reaction whatever the condition is. These skills can enable you to handle your bike in great degree and deal with changing conditions such as different or uneven ground surfaces, a sudden turn and so on. They can also help you when cycling slowly as you go up hills. The balance skills are the most important elements to remain you on your bike and escape from the destiny of falling.

Having a good knowledge of balance skills isn’t that easy. It can be an uneasy task but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A good balance skill requires suitable training which includes good reaction time, coordination, agility, power, and speed. The better balanced you are the faster you can ride and more confident you will be doing it. Look at following tips and I’m sure that you will benefit a lot.

Balance practice at your spare time.

Every big success starts from small things. There is no doubt that you should practice constantly at your spare time so that your body can be in good balance, and it’s the basic requirement for balanced biking. Start four exercises below which will motivate your potential balance.

What you should pay attention to is that start with a small level of instability initially, and then increase the level of challenging.

So the first step is just to balance: find a safe place and use a small balance board, stand on the center of this board and try your best to keep yourself balanced.

The second step is to rock back and forth: doing in this way is to imitate the movement when riding. On the basis of the first step, one foot in front of the other, and with knees slightly flexed, rock the board backward and forward. Keep control of it and do not let it tip side to side.

The third stepractice keeping balance p is to incline side to side. When you finish the second step, next you should stand back in the center of the balance board. Then cross open one foot on one side and the other to another side. Tilt the board from side to side, at this time one of your foot is higher and the other. Keep doing for several minutes.balance skills in biking balance skills in biking

The last step is to practice bow stance, this action is the most frequent used in riding. When you ride your bike you almost do this action all time, which can keep your bike move forward. So in order to fulfill the task, you need to change another balance board which is with the unstable surface. Put one foot on the board and the other on the ground, and then stand with the shape of the bow stance. And you can put your hands in front of your whole body to imitate that you are riding your bike now, your gesture needs to be proper.balance skills in biking

More practice you can do is to begin on flat surfaces such as a driveway, sidewalk, quiet road, or park trail, which are stable and have no slopes. Another way you can use is short grass and smooth gravel. Practice at these places can enable you to hurt less, but these surfaces force you to pedal harder to move the bike.

These practices can help you hold your balance. On the other side, they are especially suitable for the beginners who just want to start riding and learn to ride.

Combine your balance and vision

Many beginners will make such a mistake that their eyes mainly focus on the ground and the wheels, that is why so many beginners fall from the bikes before they success to handle the bikes. Looking down can obstruct the view, and your vision will be limited in a small scale, the result is that you can’t control the line of the bike because of your uncertain line of vision. Therefore look up and look ahead of you at where you want to go, rather than focus your attentions on the obstacles to avoid. Only in this way, can you have a wide vision and keep your balance easily.

Keep in a good riding gesture

Your body position and how it affects your balance boils down to one thing – the relationship between your center of gravity (COG) and your bike’s COG, a good gesture can keep your center of gravity in a proper position, and then you can easily control your bike’s COG, the two COG are working well, you can ride well and handle your bike to move well. So when you are riding your bike, you must keep your arms slightly bent so triding gesture hat you can turn smoothly. Never put your entire hand on the handle, as

long as an unexpected hit you'll get your car completely out of control

Lower the seat

Set your seat in a proper position so your feet can touch the ground and you can coast around a bit. If your seat is too high, lower it down. Make sure that your heels can touch the paddles when your legs are fully extended. Some people like to higher their seats with the idea of being cool or comfortable or just challenging. But have you ever thought of the balance safety? It is very dangerous because you can’t control your balance when you encounter the bad condition.So lowering your seat is a good way to keep your balance as well as your secure.

Brake: the moment of braking is the moment that tests whether you can keep your balance in a flexible way. Many people are likely to use a hand brake now, so you need to know how to brake and when to brake. Don’t brake suddenly, otherwise, you fall from the bike consequentially, because when you’re riding, there exists a driving force ahead which leads to unbalance, and make you fall your bike. You need to grasp your hand brakes slowly at first, and gradually add your power to the hand brake until your bike stop.

When you ride on the uneven path, you are facing the big challenge of unbalance. In order to keep your balance, you need to lower your speed. If necessary, have a small braking is OK.

Turning: When it comes to balance, there is another condition you are not easy to handle. That is turning. Turning can deflect your body’s center of gravity as well as your bikes’. The effective way to overcome this problem is that change the position of the center of gravity as the curve appears. When you sit on the bike, your body can make a small deflection. Just make the bike move, good bike riders know how to make the curves longer and to quickly adjust them, as movement makes balancing a lot easier.

And then focus on keeping the knees relaxed so you can shift the hips back and look to feel the tension in the glutes and upper hammies. You can practice turning the curve for several times then you will find that is not so difficult!

Stand and ride

As long as the terrain is rough or unstable, you have to let your hips out of the seat and ride on the pedals. Strictly speaking, when the buttocks are glued to the seat, you can't overcome the obstacles. The center of gravity is placed in the middle of the two wheels. The buttocks are removed from the cushion and the body is moved back to prepare for the impact of the road. Put your heart as thStand and ride e center of gravity position, in this way you can keep your balance.

Anyway, the balance in biking not only comes from the rider’s ability of control but also the balance principle of a bicycle, so you need to exercise as often as you can. Keeping in good health and building up a strong body is necessary. You can also learn more knowledge of balanced biking using all kinds of materials and learning tools. May you have a happy journey!