You require to know-why cycling alone defeats in a group

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In China, people are apt to think that doing a thing in a group is better than alone. Yet, it is often wrong in our daily life. It is the same with cycling. With the development of the economy, cycling is becoming growing prevalent in many countries. Which is better, ride alone or in a group? Actually, riding alone defeats riding in a group.

Now, let me tell you the reasons that you are required to know.

You do not need to take others’ ideas into consideration.

During a riding, especially a long cycling, you need to ask about your partners' feelings and then decide when and what to do. If you don’t, it may lead to an embarrassing situation where your partner will be discontented with you. What is more, it may lead to a serious consequence that your friends won’t like to ride with you anymore. You will be in a passive position. It is not good for you, right?

If you are a person who is always considerate, you will take everything into consideration including your partners’ feelings and requirements. It is good for you to make a favorable impression on your friends on you. Yet, you are not perfect and you cannot always get the point and do it successfully. What is more, you would be tired to do too much things for others, especially when your partners cannot understand you.

Riding alone, you do not need to take care of others and it will give you great convenience.

It gives you time to think.

You won’t be interrupted. There is no one can take up your time. You can think on your own. First, you can make a plan for your riding. Think where you want to go and what you want to do. Second, you can stop to think as you like. Most importantly, you can think by yourself and then resolve them when you encounter problems. No one will quarrel with you for the resolutions. You can make a decision in a few seconds or many minutes as you like.

In such a riding, you can have enough time to think and you will be better to think.

You can do whatever you want at any time.
For the sake of everyone’s safety, the group will make some rules that need to be followed during cycling. You will need to gesture or yell out to make the group know about a hazard, change in pace, or vehicle. Call out pot holes or objects on the road in order that those riders behind you can avoid the hindrances. While different riders have different habits to know messages well, such as gestures, voice signals etc. If you feel uncomfortable taking a hand off the bars while in a group, it is not a good choice for you. Most people will have their own task in a group cycling. You need to stop as the group do, and go on while you feel tired or hungry.

You are not allowed to overtake in the team. You should not highlight your riding skills deliberately and overtake constantly in the group because of your bike's superior performance. This behavior is very dangerous. Because the pace of team riding is the same, unauthorized overtaking is not allowed in team members. Because once overtaking, it may affect the back of the teammates, resulting in having not enough time to brake, pileup or a variety of accidents’ occurrences.

No one will hinder you from riding ahead or doing other things when you are cycling alone. There is no rule to limit your activities. If you want to stop, just find a good place to have a break. If you feel hungry, you are free to choose to eat some solid food or stay in a restaurant. Even if you want to go back, you can do it as you like.

You can deal with the things on your own which can improve you.
If you are in a group, your partners will have a comprehensive plan for the cycling. They may think out all kinds of resolutions of the problems which they may encounter during cycling. You don’t need to worry too much and you are just required to do your partners a favor. There is no more chance for you to practice and improve yourself. Except for friendship and the comfort of group cycling, you won’t be able to learn much about wrestling with problems. If you ride alone, you will be apt to gain more.

Before starting, you need to have a good plan. You ought to think carefully and comprehensively. It is conducive to your abilities of thinking and planning. If you encounter any problems during cycling, you can deal with them on your own. You have to analysis the problems and find out the resolution by yourselves. Perhaps you can ask people for help. Then your ability to handle emergency will be improved and your experience will be enriched.

It can save your time so that you can ride faster and further.
In a group cycling, there are rules for resting and going ahead. You ought to comply with them and you do not have much freedom to arrange your time. It tends to cost much time than cycling alone. It may be tiring if you rest and go along with the groups. Meanwhile, you are easy to generate some negative ideas, such as complaint, and giving up.

However, you can rest at any time if you feel tired and go on as you like while riding alone. It doesn’t matter whether you can achieve the destination as you planned before. Thus, you will not have the burden of being unable to catch up with the group while feeling bored and fatigued. It’s easier to stick to a training plan and reach your personal goals. You can ride faster and further as long as you like.

You do not need to worry about dropping off.
If you are cycling in a group, you need to obey the rules they have made. If you are tired and want to have a rest while your team doesn't, you may be unhappy. Sometimes you are allowed to have a short rest or they may rest with you. But there are some things that you may be concerned about. For example, someone may be discontent with your behaviors. If you have a rest on your own, you have to catch up with them. Otherwise, you will drop off. It will cause some troubles in these two conditions.

While you are cycling alone, you can cycle as you like. What’s more, you do not have any pressure of dropping off.

It is too dangerous if you ride side by side with your partners.
You may be fond of walking side by side. It is of great convenience to talk with each other. However, it is a great danger lurking around you when you are riding. This is also why you need to obey the rules of group riding. There isn’t such risk when you are cycling alone. You can be absorbing in cycling. It is safer and of high efficiency.

Explore new areas.
Most group cycling tends to ride in the common places. Yet, you can find more interesting places without limitation in your own riding.


Tips for cycling alone

Are you afraid of having no experience?

If you want to cycle alone, you should go on reading these tips

Prepare enough things before setting out.
You ought to make sure what you carry are adequate. Take tools, water, money, well-charged phone and things that can identify you with you.

You need to learn how to blow up or fix the flat tire and resolve other problems.

If you plan to ride on the road that you are unfamiliar with, you had better carry the map with you or download an app like Google maps. It can help you when you are lost.

You need to master the skills and apply them to the reality. Then you can be more skillful. The more problems you resolve, the better you can be.

Tell others about your site and destination in your plan. If they care about you, you can use the GPS function to make them know your location.

Warm up. Do enough exercises to prepare.