10 Top Reasons to Cycle

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Is cycling consuming your time or making you spend extra effort? Think about it. In fact, it will be rewarding to you. Maybe you are not sure and feel a bit nervous before taking the first cycling, but after several times of getting on a bike and cycling you will find the fun in it. You can cycle to work, study, shop, do sports, etc. To tell you how beneficial cycling is, here I list ten reasons for your looking:

Healthreasons to cycle
Obviously, cycling can make you fit. No matter which way you use to consider, cycling do good to your health. A short bike commuting can also be helpful to you substantial health. Ride as long as you can, and if you want to benefit from it more, choose a harder route. You can ride in a speed of race, which works as well.

It is a green way to go out by bike. Just do you bit, you contribute the planet. What you need to do is just riding on your bike to work or do something else. Use your car less often and you make the environment better. You will be proud that you are helpful in saving the environment by joining in the protection group and contributing your own bit.

Money save
It is more expensive to take public transportation. You don’t need to spend on gas or worry about stopping for lacking gas. Otherwise, you can save money by cycling because you can spend less on gym membership. A new bike is not expensive, compared with the other transportations, isn’t it?

Time save
Troubled by traffic jam usually living or working in an urban area? Go cycling and pass the other transportations more easily. What more important is that, you save time of doing sports on the day with cycling. The more cycling you have done, the less time you need to spend on the other sports.

RelaxationReasons to Cycle
Do you feel stressful waiting for public transportation and getting traffic jam through? It causes high pressure to you for the risk of not reaching your desk on time. You get up early to beat the traffic and feel sleepy. Why not try cycling? You can go to work on time relying on yourself but not the traffic. Cycling to and from work can also give you a great feeling of refreshing yourself, which makes you start the work positively and end the work with relaxation. If you are tired and stressed out every day, get on a bike and leave all the troublesome behind.

Friends making
By coming into the world of cycling, you can make new friends to make your life more colorful. Friends can introduce you their friends so you can get into a group of new friends. You may find someone with similar mind. And you will feel better about yourself and life. To be part of a cycling community can also promote the development of local community. Thus, why not join in a group that meets regularly to cycle? You will enjoy cycling more by taking part in events. It can become part of your life and help you feel good.

There is a research recently showing that cycling can sharpen your thinking. It gets the nerve cells of your brain firing. As neurons spark into action, they foster the production of proteins, such as BDNF. And your neurotransmitters communicate more effectively. It means that your ability to retain information and concentrate is improved. Your brain gets stronger by cycling.

Cycling works your glutes, quads and calves. And there are some benefits less obvious, including surprising improvement in core muscle group from balancing. It will improve your posture and upper your body strength. When it keeps your mind busy, your body does all the work so you can keep it up for a long time.reasons to cycle

Work efficiency
You will find it more efficient to work after cycling. You are fresher so you can get down working quickly. You find yourself more alert and finish the work better. You feel good about yourself, which do good to your confidence and self-esteem. It will be a good day with high efficiency.

Someone thinks that cycling is dangerous. However, throwing your leg over a bike will take an extraordinary potential to save your life. What most likely kills somebody is heart disease. And one of the best things to reduce the risk is to get on the bike literally.

Generally speaking, cycling can do good to you not only financially, but also physically, mentally, and emotionally. I believe that you have found how beneficial it is. Go cycling and begin your happy trip now!