15 the Most Difference in Riding a $600 or $6000 Bicycle?

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In recent years, cycling has become a fashionable exercise for many people in that it can not only make you feel relaxed but also keep you fit.But have you ever considered the difference in riding a 600 or 6000 dollars bicycle? The difference between a 600 and 6000 dollars bicycle is astronomical in the performance of the bike. I will talk about the difference as follows.

1.Different weight

The biggest and most noticeable difference between a $600 bike and a $6000 bike is the weight. Generally, the lighter a bike is, the more expensive it is.If the course were extremely flat, I would suspect that any difference you find from the influence of bicycle alone will be statistically non-significant. It depends on the road you ride.If you do understand what this means in stats speak, you would discover dramatic differences between a $600 and a $6000 bike.If the course were a steep climb, then the weight of the bicycle would have an effect. The extra weight will slow you down on the hills.That is to say, a lighter bicycle would make you climb easier.For example, A 2kg reduce in bicycle weight will mean that the rider on the lighter bike will be approximately 30 seconds ahead at the end of a 5K time trial given a fixed power output. Every pound makes a difference. You can accelerate, slow down, and climb hills faster and easier because you have less weight to haul around.

2.Different materials

This includes materials that make the frame stiffer (and lighter) and materials that allow more accurate machining.These 2 bikes will be made of different materials with different properties. Expensive bikes are expensive because they use expensive materials.Materials used in the frame (and also components, but more on that later) affect the characteristics of the bike, but thanks to the essence of high-tech processes, these come at a price. For instance, high-modulus carbon fiber performs better than cheaper carbon types. The pricier stuff is lighter, stiffer, stronger, more durable and so on. Likewise, carbon has superior performance properties compared with aluminum or lower still, steel. With the carbon materials, there are many sub-classes that will perform better and have a price to match. The two bikes listed example from this point - both are made from aluminum, but the more expensive bike is made from a higher grade. The more expensive choice also has a carbon fork - an expensive but actually worthwhile to invest. Carbon fiber frame and wheels are labor intensive. It's hard to use the machine so it's mostly hand built. The carbon fiber fabric also goes up in price as the tensile strength goes up. Frame or wheels alone can go up to a few thousand dollars.


The anatomy of a road bicycle
Another difference is the components. Although some cheap bikes may say they have Shimano components, there are 4 or 5 levels of quality within the Shimano line. And the cheap bikes have the cheap components. Many budget bikes use heavy steel and lots of it.You can also find that the suspension is not that good. The rear shock would give you a kick in the rear whenever you go over a bump. You will also find that, after only a couple of miles, you have to set the bike up again and the whole trip is then tinkering with the bike to get it to work. better parts. you'll find a huge difference in using a $600 bike and a $6000 race bike. Every part of the $6000 one is designed to work together. The suspension becomes more fluid and responsive and won't bottom out easily. Shocks uses advanced technology valves, which allow the shock to function a certain way under certain conditions.

4.Shifting speed

In the reason that an expensive bike is lighter,you can ride faster.And what's more, you can change your speed more easier. A $6000 bike is composed of a carbon fiber frame and fork, and includes lower end wheels (heavy but sturdy) and has a nice shifter setup combined with the brake levers. Very convenient shifts can be made while climbing, and it encourages you to use the right gear since shifting is so easy. The bike is lighter and more reliable and just seems faster, with a definitely smoother ride than aluminum gives ($1000 dollar bikes) and smoother than steel bikes (also around $1000). Titanium bikes are said to ride as well, but a complete name brand bike costs more than $1600, though you can custom order Titanium frames from China at prices less than carbon fiber frames.($800 to $900).

5.Life expectancy

Basically, the cheap bikes are crap. they are made from cheap quality frames and materials and they fall apart and come out of tune easily. The more expensive the bike, the better quality parts, more precise the shifting, better suspension, strong frames, and best of all, they get lighter and then they have longer life expectancy. The rear gears (cassette) are mounted on a free hub, with extra bearings to support the off-center load of the gears on the axle, leading to longer life. So, it is obvious that a $6000 bike can ride for many years than a $600 bike.For example, assuming that you need to replace your $600 bike with another $600 bike every year, then in ten years, you will spend $6000 on bikes.But if you buy a $6000 bike,you don't need to replace your bike in almost 9 years.Although the life expectancy of a $6000 bike may be less than ten $600 bike.But you can own a much more enjoyable and agreeable experience with riding a $6000 bike.

6.Bike fit

A $6000 bike will probably embrace a quality bike fit from the dealer who sells the bike. Saddle height will be precisely set, reach adjusted, stems swapped, maybe even handlebars.

7.Less money spent on fixing

The parts on a 6k bike will likely be Shimano ultra, Sram force or Campagnolo Potenza/Athena.Their components are proven, tough, high-quality parts that work extremely well, and will last a long time. The $600 bike will have inexpensive, heavy, and coarse parts that don't work that well and will wear out quickly.With a $6000 bike,you can ride a much longer distance than a $600 bike before you spend money on repairs. A $6000 bike will be cheap to maintain and give many many hours of enjoyment as well as offering an alternate method of getting around that helps you stay healthy and doesn't pollute. It will probably pay for itself in saving.

8.Improved technology

A $600 bike is usually included with a hydraulic disk, while a $6000 consists of cantilever brakes, which are more precise and safer.

9.Low-end vs. high-end

Today, it seems that the $600 mountain bike in the bike shop is the lowest end components, wheel set, cockpit, etc. The difference between an entry level road bike and these high-end ones is impressive .Everything on the $600 bike is crude and heavy. A $6000 mountain bike is pretty much the opposite. Everything on a $6000 bike should be about as top of the line as there is.


A $6000 bike is usually from a big brand. Branding is always a premium. As in every industry I can think of, some brands have a reputation that to some extent justifies a premium price. This reputation relies on a multitude of sub factors, such as warranties, recognized build quality, customer care, athlete association and such. Top brands such as Trek, Giant, Bianchi, etc. have built up a reputation over the years of their existence that people reckon worthy of a premium price.


In the areas of the super elite, performance acquires become tougher to achieve, and the related cost increases drastically. Essentially, we reach a point in the scope of bikes that performance is so good that other factors such as custom paint or gram savings through carbon brake levers and spacers become the only means to improve.If you are a professional, an expensive bike is definitely indispensable.You need to own a $6000 bike rather than a $600 bike. If you're an athlete and shaving seconds off your time is a worthy goal you might see the value of investing a $6000 bicycle.

12.The totally different feelings

A $6000 bike would make you have a total different feeling compared to a $600 bike. It's not hard like some carbon fiber bikes or any aluminum bike, even though those are good qualities for crit racing. When you get on it to ride a $6000 bike, you may literally feel like you are floating above the ground. It may incredibly responsive like an extension of your body. The effect of a $6000 bike is to give you the feeling that the bike doesn't exist (because it is so light and so "solid" and "smooth").Once you have a bike made to fit you it's difficult to find that comfort in an off-the-rack bike. In conclusion, the $6000 bike will be much more agreeable to ride, much more comfortable to ride, fit better, perform much better, and have a better ride quality to boot.

13.The better performance

There is no doubt that there would be a very obvious difference between riding the $600 bike and the $6000 bike. Besides the weight, everything about the performance of the $6000 bike is going to be better. It's going to feel more efficient and precise.The shifting will be smoother and the braking will have more modulation. It will have lighter, stronger wheels and high performance tires. In comparison, cheap bikes have a lot of flex in the frame (and that flexing, according to physics, absorbs energy you exert in peddling) and they have more friction in the hubs (which, also, is a waste of your efforts). A $6000 bike is more compliant and riding them results in less fatigue at the end of a long ride.

14.Make you become more endured

A more expensive ride will make it more likely you will be competing against other bicyclists for speed and endurance. Hundred mile rides are fun way to challenge yourself, and there are organized Century rides in almost everywhere. Rarely will you see $600 bikes on organized bike rides, it just isn't done every ounce of weight reduction and aerodynamics and wheel weight is important for finishing and reducing the effort required to maintain speed.If you have a great fun in riding a $6000 bike, you will continue to do it and the without doubts you will gain more endurance.As time went by, you will get stronger, and when the time comes to get something better, you will appreciate the extra speed and comfort and will not regret the expensive price that you pay.

15.You can reach a level beyond the former

The difference between riding a $600 bike and a $6000 bike is striking. One of the things that really makes you feel good is that when climbing you still have energy after reaching the top.With a $600 bike, you cannot do this. A $6000 bike will make you feel a lot faster and you be more motivated to ride.That is to say, in the same circumstances, you may ride 100 miles at a time with a $600 bike, but you can ride several hundred miles on a $6000 bike.From another perspective, a $6000 bike can make you explore your potential abilities and reach a higher level .

All in all, cheap bikes are no fun at all. They're usually heavy and the quality will be poor. Retailers rightly assume they'll be bought at the start of summer, used once, and then locked away.A $6000 bike will make you have a wonderful experience in the race.