5 Top Tips: How to Be Right in a Diet

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Maybe you don’t know how much your diet plays in your cycling. You will not want to bear the trouble out of eating the wrong. A right diet doesn’t just mean something helping you lose weight. Of course, body composition plays an important role, but proper fuelling yourself and eating the blend of nutrients cannot also be ignored, which helps your body recover and become stronger after riding. Here are 5 tips for you to get a better diet in cycling.

Before a morning ride, eat or not?
If you ride for a short distance or cannot bear eating anything before riding, you should rise the proportion of carbohydrates in your evening meal to store carbs as glycogen in muscles for morning riding.cycling diet

If you will ride for long distances that spend, for example, one hour, or with high intensity, you should eat something before riding. Carbohydrate is easy to break down into energy in the case with great effort, so if you don’t have breakfast, you may not be able to continue cycling well. You should try different strategies and find one to work best for you. Here are two plans for you:

If you wake up 2 hours earlier, porridge plus, blueberry bircher pots, mango and banana smoothie, cinnamon buckwheat pancakes with cherries and, scrambled omelette toast topper are recommended. If you go straight out of bed, you need to digest foods quickly, so fruity teacake, smoothie, bar, and muffins for breakfast are recommended.

Diet before riding
Carbohydrate is the main fuel for your riding. It is stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen. And it is known that a 60kg cyclist may need at least 480g carbohydrate in a race. However, the amount of carbohydrate your body can store is small; as a result, it is important to keep it up. To repair your muscles, vary your diet to provide sufficient protein. To reduce its energy, you need polyunsaturated fats. Otherwise, vitamins and minerals can aid the growth and repair of cell. According to your intensity in cycling, plan the fuel. Remember to leave at least 2 hours to digest a big meal and 30 minutes for a snack.

What to avoid before riding
To fuel yourself right, what in your diet should be high in carbohydrate. You should eat something that make you feel comfortable and won’t cause any trouble to your stomach and bowel. Avoid foods excessively fibred, fatty, or spicy. Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol. Reduce the amount of fibre and snacks should be absorbed easily.

Don’t be too long between mealscycling diet
If it is too long, you will build up an eating pattern of starve-binge. When you get the food, you are too hungry and likely to eat wrong things too much. It will increase the insulin greatly so your fat storage overdrives.

To eat right, you should plan snacks to avoid going out without food. I recommend taking a pot pf low fat yogurt, a small handful of mixed nuts, fruit smoothies and salad, also, bars and so on.

Don’t eat too late
If you ride in the evening, maybe you won’t come home until it’s 8 o’clock pm. What you eat will be digesting when you are on bed, which will increase fat storage and make you sleep badly. Here I recommend you to have lunch as the main meal, and you can eat a little after riding in the evening. For example, it can be beans or eggs on toast.

That’s all of the tips on a right diet I want to remind you. Hope that it can help you get better experiences in cycling.