5 Top Tips to Help You Cycle Faster

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Do you want to cycle faster to enjoy yourself? If you are a beginner, you can improve much. However, if you have been cycling for years, you would improve gradually. Here are 5 tips for you to cycle faster.

DietCycle Faster
First of all, you need to eat right. Watts produced in some time and divided by the weight have determined your power to weight ratio. When you produce more watts per kg., you cycle faster. Therefore, watts and weight are both important. Here are some suggestions to help you lose weight and speed up.

Make sure that your body has gotten enough fuel. Generally speaking, what your body use for fuel is carbohydrates. As a result, you should start with a carb heavy meal 2 hours before cycling. Then your food is ready to help you go faster when you are pedaling.

If you are going to cycle over 90 minutes, you can have some energy drinks, bars and gels which can be taken easily on the bike. Also, they can contain the balance of carbs.

When the riding is over, your glycogen level is restored by carbohydrates. Meanwhile, muscles can be restored by protein. Here recovery drink can be useful, and a bowl of cereal in which with milk or yogurt nature are good as well.

GoalCycle Faster
The second, do you always have a goal while cycling? If you cycle with a goal you will be faster obviously. A target event can train you, too. You should first select a goal and prepare for it. Cut it into sections so you can be motivated for a longer time. No matter what your goal is oriented – time, distance, heart rate, power, or speed – break the time into different sections, such as 4x5 minutes, 3x8 mins, and plus 2x10 mins. And extra training is beneficial to your speed improving.

If you are preparing for a race whose time and route is limited, train on a way similar to the route or the hardest part of the route, such as a steep climbing or technical corner, and set a goal of getting the hang of the technique and power needed.

FellowsCycle Faster
The third, teamwork is also a good idea to help you cycle faster. Are you often riding on your own? Try to ride with some fellows. It can push you to cycle harder with more incentive, provided that your fellows are good and some of them cycle faster than you. You can join a cyclists’ club, which will help you not only find fellows but also make friends with experienced cyclists who can offer techniques of cycling and maintenance to you.

The fourth, what slows you down much is wind resistance which can be reduced by being more aerodynamic. Make your body more aerodynamic first. Bend your arms more. Keep your head down with eyes up. And invest some equipment helpful. A good helmet can save time for you. Overshoes can make a difference, too. What’s more, in a triathlon, a bike with aero extensions can be useful. You can invest aero bar extensions and deep sections wheels if you don’t want a new bike.

TemperatureCycle Faster
Finally, it is a matter physiologically. Leg muscles might not operate with full potential in a cool condition, considering the distance and air temperature. If local temperature of muscles is descended by one percent, muscles force can be reduced by 10% most. On the other hand, temperature too high can cause overheating which should not happen if you are breaking speed record.

Otherwise, air density is influenced by temperature, pressure, and humidity. And temperature influences the density more than humidity. Thus, there are more molecules in colder air per cubic meter. It means that you should work harder to keep the same speed in colder weather.

The above is all the recommendations to help you cycle faster. And if you have any ideas, welcome to communicate with me by leaving a message. I hope that you cycle faster with these tips!