8 Must-have Things On Mountain Cycling You Require To Carry

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Nowadays, a great number of young people enjoy mountain cycling for its exciting process and the beautiful scenery along the tour. However, before you take a try for this adventure, you must be prepared. Being ready while out on the mountain bike track is very important and it is always good to pack more equipment the longer it would take to get a help point. As a matter of fact, no matter what level you are in, getting prepared will definitely make a difference. But many cyclists may be confused what kind of preparation we should make. Well, here are a few important necessities you should make when going out for mountain cycling. Let’s get the start.

First Aid Kitmountain cycling
Well, actually for any outdoor activities, first aid kit should be always be put on the priority for you among others. And of course, as a mountain biker, only remember to carry is still far not enough, you should also acquire relevant knowledge on how to use it. There are a number of compact and lightweight pre-packed kits available that are specifically aimed at outdoors use. Therefore, bring it when going out for mountain cycling in a case of any unexpected incidents that may happen to you, you will find it really help a lot.
Multi-tool is also something you should seriously consider when it comes to mountain cycling for its utility. A quality multi-tool that includes a chain tool will allow you to cope with most trailside repairs. Of course, just as the using of the first aid kit, you should also have some basic mechanical knowledge, such as indexing your rear derailleur and adjusting your front mech. Maybe one of your partners can fix all these troubles. However, it is always better to improve your own problem-solving ability than depending on your partners. After all, your partners can not always be with you and it is hard to predict that what will happen when it comes to mountain cycling.

mountain cyclingHere, clothing is including a broad range of various things for mountain cycling, such as cycling gloves, helmet, protective glasses and a decent pair of riding shorts with padding inside. You know that even if you set out riding in warm weather, it can rapidly change when you are riding in the mountain, and if you have to stop for any reason, for example, when you are tired, it is actually pretty easy to become chilled. Of course, it would be much better if you can wear the waterproof ones, then you don’t need to worry about rain or something like that. And all of these clothing can also protect your body from hurting.

Many cyclists may say that I can bring my phone or something like that, it is even better than the map and more convenient. However, you should always keep in mind that when you ride into the mountain, it is hard to make sure that there is a signal in the deep mountain. It is far too easy to become overly reliant on GPS devices and trail centre way-makers. Carry a map of the area you are riding in as it will allow you to plot a bail-out if you need to shorten a ride, find the trail if you miss an arrow and to always know exactly where you are at any time. And, if possible, you should also carry a compass and know how to use it.

Food and drink
I am sure it has been a common agenda for most of the cyclists that we should carry enough food and drink for our entire mountain cycling foodride. However, many of them have no idea on what kind of food and drink they should take. The food and drink you carry along with for mountain cycling should be able to power and help you recover from your performance. Make sure that you could get enough glycogen for energy and protein. Actually, there is some food that specifically fit for mountain cycling, such as banana, scoops chocolate or vanilla, frozen blueberries, milk and so on.

Spares and Repairs
Carry a couple of spare inner tubes, even if riding tubeless, and also some quick stick puncture repair patches just in case you are unlucky enough to have multiple flats. Prepare a power link, rear derailleur and an emergency tire boot will assure you a smooth cycling. Of course, just like I have said before, you must make sure that you know how to use these tools and repairs, then when you are in need, they can definitely come in handy.

mountain cycling tools

Many remote areas with poor mobile phone coverage still have coin operated pay phones, so always carry some change. When you are riding in some mountainous areas, you never know what will happen, and you never when your money may come in handy. Also, some cash can also be useful for re-supplying with food and drink from small rural shops which may not accept debit cards. Anyway, carry some money will not be a wrong choice.

Pre-Ride Checklist
You may find it useful to make a copy of the list below and double check it before every ride:

♦ First aid kit

♦ Multi-tool

♦ Clothing

♦ Map

♦ Food and drink

♦ Spares and repairs

♦ Money

To recap

Well, there is no doubt that mountain cycling is a wonderful experience. I really hope all the above tips I have said can actually help you on your mountain cycling touring and get you improve your cycling enjoyment. Maybe what I have said is still insufficient. If you have any better idea, please leave me your comments, I will be very glad and grateful to see that.