A Fantastic Cycling Jersey Fabric Introduction

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Information about the cycling jersey fabric (part 1)
Cycling race is a kind of fierce competition of speed, patience, and technique for cyclists. And it is also a competition of the high-tech cycling equipment. A cycling jersey is carefully considered from the determination of its style to the matching of its colors. What’s more, the choosing of functional fabric and development is also the key to design. Technically, cycling clothing is generally divided into three types, cycling underwear, road cycling clothing, and cycling overcoat.

Because the cycling underwear is worn next to the skin, the comfort of fabric is highly demanded. When the weather is relatively cold, the dacron material with thermal function, breathable property, and thermo-insulativity is chosen. When it is hot, the lightweight fabric with the perspire, breathable, easy-washing and quick-drying properties becomes the first choice, for example, the mesh dacron fabric.
Nowadays, many companies focus on the research of degerming and deodorization. In 2004, ODLO Cycling Underwear Company launched a deodorization fiber called effect. If invisible silver ions are added into dacron fiber, then the growth of bacteria in the underwear will decrease efficiently. The biggest feature of road cycling clothing fabric is focusing on the protection, close-fitting, and comfort, and adding some detailed design.
The reformative dacron material not only has high intensity, elasticity, extensibility, and good wearing resistance, but also possesses favorable breathable and perspire features which can make a lot of sweat discharge quickly, and keep the body drying.

Currently, Cool-Max is the most popular cycling jersey fabric which is developed by Du Pont Company. It has a super ability of moisture discharge and breathability. It also possesses many functions like quick-drying, wear-resistance, and anti-ultraviolet rays, and so on. And it can as well as adjust the body temperature through exhausting the hot humid moisture out of the body. Experiments show that keeping a suitable body surface temperature can increase the energy of muscle and mitigate fatigue. When it is cold, cycling jackets should choose the fabric with good perspire, breathable and thermal features. And it usually chooses the fabric which has fleece on the reverse side. For instance, PaveFleecve of Revi Company, has a flat obverse side which is suitable for hot-sublimation transfer printing. Ant the same time, the reverse side has fleece, thermal and comfortable, is very suitable for cycling in winter.
lycra fabric with elasticity next to the skin reduces the friction between legs and cycling pants which prevents the inner sides of legs from rubbing to hurt. For example, the printing and dyeing dacron/ lycra woven fabric of Revi Company are suitable for hot transfer printing. And it integrates the principles of aerodynamics that makes it fit for the high-speed cycling activity. Meanwhile, it has the favorable perspire and breathable features. And another case, heavy nylon/ lycra woven fabric of this company also has the same features as the former one and is suitable for wearing in winter.

Information of cycling jersey fabric.(part 2)
A cycling jersey is different from other kinds of outdoor clothing, no matter the tailoring plate, splicing method or breathability and flexibility are all different from any other sports apparel’s design. So, choosing correct and professional cycling jersey is very important.
At present, many people have this kind of mistakes that jacket must fit for cycling wearing. First of all, the right thing is jacket is very strong. A genuine jacket in an excellent brand can resist more than 4 wind force scale, and keep nice breathable properties. Because its designs of style and material are based on the hiking and climbing, the common jackets are so suitable for cycling sports, especially the mountain cycling sports. Here, you need to wear those more professional jackets which are specially designed for cycling sports.
Next, I will give you an introduction mainly about the fabric that professional cycling jerseys use and give some examples.

1 Vaporrize material is similar to the famous Lifa material of HH. This material is famous for its incomparable breathable feature. And the material has the functions of perspiration, quick drying, and keeping warmth. It is suitable for all year long which is clothes next to the skin. This material mainly uses polyester fiber fabric and applies the different woven methods on two sides. The inner side fabric can perspire out of the body quickly and effectively. And it makes the liquid extend rapidly to the outer layer through the inner material. And then, outer material accelerates the drying of clothes in the way of ventilation, so that it can increase the comfort of dressing.

2.Solar UPF is commonly known as anti-ultraviolet material. All the products which have the logo as the left picture, and indicates that these clothes possess a high-performance UPF resistance capacity. 50UPF mark indicates this material can effectively resist 50% raying.

3.Therminal and Therminal EX is a kind of thermal fleece lycra fabric. It has a good thermal effect and provides top-ranking breathable function, so it can keep arid of the body as well as keep thermal. Three-dimensional tailoring with multi-plates design makes this thermal material cycling jersey has certain extensibility, so it will not produce any tensile resistance during the cycling. Especially the Therminal EX, which adds a thick layer of fleece on the former one so that to resist the cold weather. Generally, Therminal can handle the spring and autumn in the south of China.

4.The element is kind of soft fleece fabric which is often used in the winter mountain cycling equipment. Of course, some road cycling equipment also uses it, and it adopts 100% wool material. So it has a quite favorable thermal effect, matching the highly breathable and quick-drying underwear can greatly increase the comfort of sports. But on the whole, this fleece fabric has a lower breathability comparing to the former materials, however, it can offer a better thermal service.

5. Deflect is mainly a kind of windproof technology fabric. A great deal of it is applied in the clothes which resist the cold wind. Since the density of this material is very high, it can resist the strong wind effectively. And it is very practical in the uses of different seasons, hiking, and cycling. Deflect has a smart design, and the tightness of jacket is very good, but it also has a fairly high breathable capacity.
Here are the common categories.
Information of cycling jersey fabric.(part3)

Usually, when people talk about the fabric of cycling jersey, they may focus on whether there are breathability, moisture absorption, and sun protection, and so on. Those points are only a kind of abstract ideas. When we purchase cycling jerseys, how can we recognize the good and bad of them?

Then we should have a look of these details:
1.Breathability: If you want to enjoy your cycling, you should consider more about it. If you do not want to wear a jersey which is drying outside and wet inside, you’d better find a breathable clothing. And the way to distinguish is covering the jersey on your mouth and blow a breath, then check. And you can feel something about its breathability. Another more professional way is taking a glass of hot water and muffling the rim of that glass, and then checking the rate of diffusion of the steam.

2.Moisture absorption and perspiration: To check the rate of perspiration permeation is fast or slow, you can pour some water on the clothes, seeing if that water is absorbed by the fabric and leak under the clothes. The fabric without functionality is very difficult to permeate, or even forms the water drops on the clothes. And that is none of the functionality.

3.Quick-drying: if the jersey is totally soaked, you wring it dryer, hanging up, it will be dry in two hours’ wind blowing. Cotton cloth also has a very strong ability of water absorption, but it is quite difficult to dry, and it is sticky to your body, while the functional fabric can get itself dry quickly. If you do want to have a sticky and sweaty feeling of your clothes, you can test this tip.

4.Anti-ultraviolet: No one wants to be a black charcoal cycling under the blazing sun, especially the females, they will even refuse to cycle for this reason. But do not make a mistake, some people think that wrap yourself up can be anti-ultraviolet. That is wrong. Unless it is kind of very thick cloth, it may have a chance, while those thin cloth need to add the anti-ultraviolet elements.

5.Comfortable and cool: Some cloth adds the bamboo fiber, and the cool feeling you wear it is the same as the bamboo mat. If your body is cool, no sticky feelings, close-fitting and breathable, and perspiration, I am sure that your mood will be better in this kind of situation, and you will have a better feeling to enjoy the joy of nature. But, the cloth really with bamboo fiber is still in a small number.

6.Unidirectional discharge: after your cycling, you need to check the pants pad which is next to your body is still keeping dry. And the outside of pants which is close to the **part gets wet or not. And that is the unidirectional discharge of pants pad. A common pad is made up of ordinary sponge, and the material of the surface layer is probably COOLMAX, the water which it absorbs will keep on the surface of the pad, and cannot permeate to the outside layer of the pants. Actually, a functional pad is made from many layers of water conductive cotton with different densities. So the water only discharge outside ant never gets inside.

7.Three-dimensional pants pad and sterilization function: many pants pads are made of ordinary sponge which has a poor elasticity and close-fitting, and it also easily to breed bacteria. After using several months, pants pads may be found to become thin, or even smelly. I believe that most of you have a lot of feelings like that. During the cycling, hip is a part which sweats the most. So, the functional pants pads are related to the health of riders.

8.The color design of cycling jersey demands colorful and bright. They can be conspicuous to other drivers on the road and then increase the safety of rides.

Information of cycling jersey fabric (part4)
Detailed information about the fabric of cycling jersey COOLMAX

Functional fiber material, CoolMax, firstly made by the Dacron fiber of Dupont. Dacron fiber is a kind of hollow dacron fiber which belongs to a new polyester fiber. It not only has a unique cross-section, four-tube shape but also is a kind of hollow fiber and has ventilated tube walls. Because this fiber has a special physical structure, it possesses good moisture absorption, perspiration, and air permeability which is an excellent capillary effect of the fabric. It can detach the sweat from the skin at any time, and transfer to the surface of the fabric to make it evaporate rapidly, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. Thanks to the special structure, CoolMax functional fiber fabric gives clothing a better air permeability.

According to the comparing of drying rate between CoolMax functional fiber fabric and other materials, you will find that no matter in a short or a long time, the former one is obviously better than the latter ones. And the drying rate of CoolMax functional fiber fabric is almost twice comparing to the cotton. When CoolMax functional fiber fabric is applied to the denim fabric, its strong air permeability and the excellent moisture absorption control will make the wearers’ skin keep dry, and reduce the physical consumption. And it will make sweat no longer become a disturbing problem.
The biggest space is formed between the four-tube fiber and fiber, which can guarantee the best air permeability which transmits quickly the moisture on the surface of the skin to outer fiber. Comparing with it, though cotton can absorb sweat, the perspiration of cotton is poor, and other ordinary chemical fibers are poorer on the perspiration ability, too. CoolMax fiber does an excellent job both in sweat absorption and perspiration. This fiber can be used in shirt, pants, shock, underwear, hat, and backpack.

CoolMax is a kind of new moisture absorption and perspiration high-end fabric which has been registered by Dupont Company. All fabric conforming to its fabric standard, or conforming the standards of CoolMax, should contain 29% filament or 100%T-702 short fiber.In the mixed fabric with other fibers at least contains 50% CoolMax functional fiber fabric, and then can apply for the tag of Dupont Company. At the same time, the standards of CoolMax rule: in the fabric structure, T-702short-fiber or T-929 filament functional fiber must in the layer which connects with skin directly
The clothing products produced by CoolMax have below features:
1. Transmit the hot moisture out that produced by the body. Adjust the temperature of the body, which can generate the thermal regulation effect to keep you cool.

2.Quick-drying. The rate of drying is 5 times comparing to cotton.

3. Wear-resistance. Easy to take care, which allows washing many times. No shrinking. No distortion. No mildewing.

4. Feeling soft, comfortable, and ventilate that will not cause discomfort of skin.

If you pay attention the cycling jersey that our riders often wear, you may find the cycling underwear all use the CoolMax fabric.