Autumn and winter long sleeve cycling jersey- How to choose a good one?

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Autumn and winter are coming, and the outdoor cycling also needs a suit of professional cycling clothing. The more professional, and comfortable of the cycling will protect you against the sufferings of flesh.

However, people should wear different kinds of cycling clothing in different seasons. Cycling long sleeve suit can be divided into the summer long sleeve cycling clothing and the fleece long sleeve apparel. Recently, many riders usually do not know how to choose when they are customizing the autumn and winter cycling apparel. The editor of Vigor Meet would likae to give some suggestions to you, hoping that will help you.

Summer long sleeve cycling apparel.

As the name implies, the season to wear this suit has been pointed out- summer.

The kind of cycling clothing uses the same fabric and craftsmanship as the short sleeve ones. And the elasticity is better, too.

The reasons why making the long sleeve clothing, the first one is sun protection, and the second one is a degree of protection against the cold. And it can be worn in the midsummer or the early autumn.

Fleece long sleeve apparel.

A number of riders may have misunderstandings on the suitable seasons of the cycling clothing in such materials. Although there is a word“fleece ”in its name which makes people feel warm, in fact, the effects of windproof and thermal are quite general. It is usually suitable to wear at about 20 degrees and will be not enough in the late autumn and the early winter.

At present, the fleece material is very popular because comparing to the fabric composition of summer, they are all dacron which is suitable and easy to print on them. So there are a variety of styles, fashionable and beautiful, which can satisfy the individual needs of many riders.

However, in terms of the practicability, it is just so so. Besides, comparing to the summer fabric, fleece fabric only has a general elasticity. So the advice for you is that when you are making a decision, you should better choose a larger size.

Windproof cycling apparel.

Commonly known as wind coat, it is usually made up of light and thin fabric, and the front side is windproof while the back side is waterproof.

Actually, wind coat is a kind of very practical cycling clothing for it applies for a long time during a whole year. In addition, the general wind coat fabric has certain windproof function. So, during some long-distance cyclings, wind coat is a more suitable choice. The price of wind coat is relatively lower. However because the common colors of the wind coats are relatively simple , and most of them are in a single color, their personalizations are not so good.

Winter compound cycling clothing.

As the name implies, this kind of clothing is for winter. It has the windproof, breathable, and thermal functions which is suitable to wear at the degree around zero. So, it is nice to wear this kind of cycling clothing during the winter in most southern area.

The so-called compound fabric is mainly consisted of three layers compound materials. The outer layer is the WIND OUT windproof material, and theinner layer is the fleece thermal material., so it has a very good windproof, thermal, and breathable functions. The general styles of this kind of cycling clothing are tend to be casual with various functions, and it is also good for daily wearing. So if you want to choose a cycling clothing for winter, then this stlye is suggested. Besides, there is a kind of windproof trousers which is made by the same material is suitable for wearing in winter, too. Temperature in winter is quite low, while the human body heat consumption is very big. So the windproof principle, breathable principle, and thermal principle should be considered in the first place of the winter wearing.

Cycling in autumn and winter, how to choosing a right cycling clothing, I believe that you hane already known that what kind of long sleeve cycling clothing that you want. As to which brand is a good one, I will tell you that most people wear the domestic cycling clothing brands, and the Vigor Meet cycling suit is extremely suitable for cycling sports which made of high-quality materials.

It is getting cool, riders, are you ready? When I am in a bad mood, I will go out for releasing because only the nature will listen to your cying in silence, and defuse your sorrow. When I am going to start a happy travel, I will definitely choose cycling. Let the autumn wind blow over my face, removing my sadness.

At that time, I would like to wear the cycling clothing of Vigor Meet, and let the sweat flow in to that comfortable material, flowing slowly.

When the autumn winter blow the leaves on to the ground, let us go cycling to feel the touch of the anutumn wind and enjoy the gentleness of the nature.