Comfortable and Stylish Mastectomy Swimwear

Posted by tan xiao yan on

If you have had to go through having a mastectomy, it can take a long time to come to terms with what has happened. One of the worst times for many women is when Summer comes around and the kids are wanting to spend time on the beach, in the pool or in the ocean.

Finding beachwear and swimwear that is comfortable to wear but also practical following a mastectomy used to be a difficult task. Things are gradually changing though as more manufacturers are starting to realise that there are sub niches they can tap in to with swimwear created especially for different body types.

One of the biggest worries for women who wear a prosthesis following their mastectomy is the risk of losing it during a swim. It is probably one of the worst possible times for something like that to happen. Worse still, as you emerge from the surf and walk up the beach, you may not even be aware that you have lost your prosthesis. And, once you have realised, the chances of finding it on the beach or in the ocean are slim and they are not the easiest or cheapest things in the world to replace, so investing in a specialist swimsuit is essential.

As I said before, manufacturers are starting to realise that they can take advantage of creating swimwear designed for specific uses. That's good for them because it increases their market but it is also good for you because it means that you will be offered stylish swimsuit designs from the latest fabrics that offer not only peace of mind but are also made to be comfortable to wear, and look good too.

Manufacturers such as Miraclesuit and Anita Care specialise in creating swimwear that will enhance the shape of your body as well as support it in all the right places too. These specialist mastectomy swimsuits have prosthesis pockets that are integral to the suit to ensure that your prosthesis is always in the right place, even during an energetic swim, meaning that the chances of losing your prosthesis are eliminated. The cups are also designed to prevent the nipple showing, which can be a giveaway for a woman who has had a mastectomy.

If you have had a mastectomy then make sure you invest in a specialist mastectomy swimsuit, as it will be one less thing to worry about while you spend time with your family by the pool or on the beach this Summer.