〖Common Sense〗Common Sense Tips for Cycling in the Winter

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Are you interseted in winter cycling? Do you know what you need to pay attention to during winter cycling? Here are some tips for you.

During the cycling tour, you have better not to wear mouth-muffle. Why can't you do that? Because of mouth-muffle, the carbon dioxide you exhale can transfer into thin ice outside it. The thin ice is the strong enemy for you in winter. It will cause facial frostbite. In cold winter, ears, nose, hands and foot are easy to be the cold injury. So you should pay spacial protective attention to them. As for winter cycling, you can combine riding with bike walking, which is a good way to promote your body blood circulation. Besides, you should take a raincoat. Apart from rainproof, it can play many functions. And self-protection is very vital for winter riding. Once tickle, erythema, coma even bubble appear, you should use on acid immediately and keep warm. What you remind is that you mustn't rub it.

First of all, clothing. In winter, the temperature is in a low degree. And people will use out much energy in the cold weather. So you should choose clothes of windproof, breathability and warm-keeping. Wind-resistance refers to effective use for reducing cold air connecting your body directly. It can avoid causing uneasiness. the breathable ability can contribute to expel from sweat and heat. And it can let hat-gas and water vapor out as well. Warm-keeping, apparently, is to keep the body at a stable temperature. Taking the three factors into consideration, what you wear during cycling means a lot.

When temperature varies from 5 to 15 degree, as for the upper body, you can choose quick-drying underwear and long-sleeve cycling jersey. While you can prefer wool-adding pants or john mixing with cycling shorts for the rest. Because heat-consuming changes are connected with various temperatures. And lower temperature, less heat using. So it is wise for you to choose quick-drying underwear and cycling pants for their great breath freedom. With one-more-fabric or tight design, some quick-drying underwear and pants can efficiently reduce cold air direct connection with the thigh. Moreover, they do well in shortening resistance and heat-expanding.

Degree ranges from -5 to 5. At that moment, it is comfortable for you to select quick-drying underwear and wool-adding, windproof jacket for the upper. As for shorts, you have various choices, such as thick cycling pants or cycling shorts, woolen pants and sports jeans. Nowadays, most high-level cycling jerseys are designed wool-adding inside and wind-resistance outside. Those designs are well right for winter riding.

When the temperature is lower than -5 degrees, we suggest you not making a long journey. But you can continue short-distance tour. The comfortable equipment for it is quick-drying underwear, wool-adding, and ski-wear. In addition, you can take warm-keeping underwear and thick-adding cycling pants into account.

About gloves: All-finger gloves is the best choice for you in the winter cycling. The gloves are better with a strong protective layer on the back side. The most important role gloves play is to protect you from injury unexpected accidents cause.

Some tips for cycling

It is available for you to substitute short sleeve cycling jersey with quick-drying underwear. As they have similar materials, their breathable functions are parallel.
Whatever jacket or pants, wearing too big or too thick is unwise. Too much weight will increase wind resistance and run out unnecessary heat. Besides, broad clothes will bring potential safety accidents.
Whatever season we cycle, we should keep safety in the first place. And during cycling tour, we should choose clothes of bright and conspicuous colors. These colors attract vehicles' attention easily, which is a good way to protect your safety.
Goggles share an essential part during riding, especially cycling after snowing. It can protect your eyes by reducing stimulus from the wind. Of course, sunshine reflection as well.
After wearing all-finger gloves, you still feel cold. At that moment, you can wear one more thin white gloves inside. In this way can guarantee your warm.

You should recognize that some small things will brighten your tour. For example, sports scarf is a very not bad choice. Nowadays, there are many updated magic scarves. They can act a lot of functions with various sharp. It is very cool. Whether face mask, kerchief or scarf, you need one necessarily.

Taking all above factors into account, we can make a summary. You should pay attention to things followed in winter cycling. First, you have better wear comfortable clothes of strong color and rapid-drying underwear. Second, the selection of goggles, all-finger gloves, scarf and other things. Small and little as they are, you should be careful about them.