Cycling - Benefits to the Regular Rider

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Regular cycling is known to be one of the best and enjoyable ways for people to achieve good health and fitness. People who ride a bicycle on a regular basis live healthier lives than those who don't and as a result live longer lives. It is said that a typical cyclist has the fitness level of someone ten years younger.

There are many health benefits to regular cycling. These benefits are not necessarily unique to cycling, they are found with many other forms of aerobic and muscle building workouts. But cycling does allow for people of any age regardless of their current fitness level to participate. Below is a list of the benefits that can be associated with regular cycling.

Cardiovascular - Cycling at a moderate to brisk level is a great aerobic exercise. All of the risk factors associated with heart attacks are reduced and the chances of having a heart attack are reduced by 50%.
Weight - If you are overweight, regular cycling can be a good source of physical exercise to lose unwanted pounds. Regular cycling at a moderate pace for 90 minutes, 3 times a week is going to burn the equivalent of 30 pounds of fat in one year.
Blood Pressure - Regular cycling is an exercise that can reduce high blood pressure.
High Cholesterol - There is positive studies that show that regular cycling lowers LDL levels by as much as 15% while raising HDL levels 5%.
Muscle Tone - While cycling most of the body's muscular system is in use. The legs are doing most of the work, but many other muscles throughout the body are working to control you on the bike. The lower back, arms and shoulders, and abdomen muscles are also given a good workout during a moderate 90 minutes of riding.
Joints - Cycling is a really good exercise for the joints. Due to the low impact type of exercise that it is, very little stress is placed upon the joints.
Cancer - The risk of various cancers has been shown to be reduced by performing regular cycling. These include colon, breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.
Stress - Cycling due to its cyclic movement has an incredible relaxing effect upon the body. This in turn stabilizes the emotional functions of the body. The result is reduced anxiety and depression along with other psychological issues.
As with any other form of exercise, cycling is not a "cure all" solution to good health. A proper diet is essential to good health. Pay attention to calorie intake and eat good wholesome foods low in fat. Avoid tobacco products. Smoking is attributed to a large amount of health problems. Individuals who quit smoking and start with an aerobics exercise program such a cycling greatly improve not only the respiratory function of the body, but blood circulation is greatly improved also.

Individuals who are not in good physical condition to begin with should always check with a medical physician prior to beginning any type of exercise program. When cycling use common sense and always wear a helmet.