Cycling Gear Checklist: Things to Buy

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Back in the day, people would get on their bike and begin riding without any cycling gear at all. As time has passed, cycling gear has become more common among those who participate in the activity. If you are currently cycling or are interested in starting but you aren't sure what type of gear to purchase, here are some examples.

Cycling Jackets

If you want to cycle outdoors in rain or colder weather, then you would benefit from having a jacket. Cycling jackets are lightweight, breathable, and water resistant. They are designed for performance, as they allow users to still have the same freedom of movement as they otherwise would. Moreover, they are stylish and can still be worn even when not cycling.

Cycling Pants and Shorts

Pants are of course are designed to stay warm and dry while riding in cooler weather. They are usually padded and are able to absorb moisture very well. There are highly water-resistant pants available for rainy days. Biking shorts vary a bit, some are tight while others are looser. In general, they are very breathable, contain padding for protection and comfort, and help keep the body cool on those hot days.

Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are often overlooked at not considered necessary. True cyclists understand the value they provide, but those who are novices or just beginning to learn about the sport may think they are only a fashion statement. Gloves however serve as protection against the sun while out on a hot, sunny day. Most importantly, they protect your hands in case you should fall on pavement.

Protective Gear

In addition to gloves, helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads are protective gear that should be considered. Safety should always be the top priority, particularly if you are cycling in rocky or high traffic areas. You can never know for sure when an accident will occur, so always wearing at least some protective gear each time you go out.

Bike Computers

Even if cycling is only a hobby, investing in a bike computer may not be a bad idea. They come in several kinds, so do your research first. Your purpose for cycling will determine which one is best. For instance, if cycling is only something to do for fun or to get exercise, then a basic one will do. On the other hand, if you are serious and treat it like a sport, then a more advanced model would be more suitable.

Choosing the right cycling gear doesn't always mean buying the most expensive items. Check out the items first either in person, or read reviews online before buying.