Cycling Tips and Important Steps to Follow to Achieve Great Results in Your State Point Series

Posted by tan xiao yan on

You probably already know that in order for competitive cyclists to achieve big accomplishments in cycling races they must focus and commit themselves 100% to their cycling goals. If this year, your dream is to win your State Cycling Point Series and you are committed 100% to your goal, there are some cycling tips that you should follow that can help you lead your State Point Series from the beginning to the end of your racing season.

Follow your cycling training plan with CONSISTENCY throughout the year and always take your "easy week" so you can recover in order to stay competitive all season long.
Participate in ALL cycling races that count for your Point Series throughout the year (criteriums, road races and time trials).
Participate in competitive group rides when there are no cycling races to keep your competitive edge sharp all year long.
Always sprint at the end of every race in order to place in the top 25 so that you can always accumulate points.
Never break the "yellow line rule" in road races to avoid getting disqualified and miss out on getting important points that can help you win the racing series.
Do your best to always finish all the races no matter how tough it gets because even one point can help your standings at the end.
Always bring spare wheels with you to all your races in case of a flat tire that can prevent you from starting or finishing a race.
Always take your "free laps" in criterium races if you break down, crash or get a flat tire so you don't end up chasing the group on your own and lose your opportunity to finish within the top 25 places.
Try to have a spare bicycle or a friend's bicycle that fits you, close by that you can use in case of a major break-down that can get you out of the race.
Always remember to bring food in your jersey pockets and have support in the feed zone that can hand you water bottles when participating in long road races to avoid dehydration and bonking that can get you out of the race.
Be ready at the start line 10-15 minutes before the start time of your races to avoid missing any race.