Getting Ready For Spring Commuting

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Commuting by bike is one of the best experiences as you get exercise, save money and don't get stuck in traffic. With Spring just around the corner, it's time to get your bike ready for the daily commute. With a little planning it becomes one of the easiest ways to get around.

As the snow melts and temperature creeps above freezing it's time to think about commuting to work on your bike. Commuting by bike doesn't take anything fancy. Functional is the order of the day so look at making the gear you already have adapt to the job.

To make the ride more comfortable in spring's varying weather conditions, here are some tips to improve your ride.

Install fenders with the best coverage that will fit on your bike. If your bike has the room and mounting points, old school full wrap fenders with mud flaps provide the best protection.
If you have a mountain bike, swap tires to a puncture resistant road tires for less rolling resistance and fewer flats.
Install a rack and panniers, so you don't have the carry
If you ride a road bike or hybrid swap your lighter tires for armoured tires for fewer flats.
On wet days, nylon splash pants are a cheap way to keep dry and you can pull them on over your street clothes.
Put a bright white light on the front of your bike and at least one read rear light on the back. As far as lights are concerned you can never have too much when riding at night.
Wear bright colored clothing ideally with reflective patches to maximize visibility.
Pre-plan your route along bike friendly routes.
And don't limit your riding just to work. If you need to make a trip within 3 km of home consider taking your bike. Trips to the grocery store, library and Blockbuster are quick and easy by bike. Every time you leave the car in the driveway you save money, reduce pollution and get in better shape.