How to appreciate the scenery by cycling?

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Cycling is the closest thing we can get to flying without leaving the ground. As a matter of fact, the mechanics of actual flying/piloting an airplane isn't even nearly as fun as cycling a nice bike. Imagine you are now on a bike and cycling wild in the countryside or on a quite street under the sunshine, and everything around you may become an unforgettable scenery like a picture taken by your eyes. Why not get off your car and starts to enjoy the beauty of nature?

First of all, you, of course, need a bike. It doesn’t have to be expensive or professional. But the size of the bike should be taken seriously. Get it adjusted properly to your length/height. Sit on the seat and put your heel on the pedal. Your leg should be straight. If you can't adjust your seat so that your leg is straight, you need a bigger bike. If you can't adjust the seat so that your heel can reach the pedal, you need a smaller bike. A bike is faster than walking and comparable, if not slightly faster, to buses in urban areas. It's not that much slower than cars or taxes in a lot of cities, especially in rush hour. This allows for further distance and thus more scenery available. You can cruise around at a slow pace and enjoy the scenery, or set yourself challenging targets and get a rush from your first 50 to 100 miles in a day.appreciate the scenery by cycling

Secondly, plan a route with good views. For just local rides, Google maps has a bike path option, though they tend to be inaccurate. For example, a private golf course path might be shown as a bike path, or a bike path will be shown extending far past its termination point. Or without a cycling route, you ride casually on the saddle on weekends just to explore the unfamiliar places of your city where cannot be reached by car.

Cycling is a great way to get into the fantastic outdoors and get fit at once. You can explore the countryside a quick way. It creates a balance between excitement and relaxation. It's also a quick way to get to know the area where you live. Most people who drive just go from point A to point B. When you are out on my bike, you don’t have to look for the fastest roads. On the contrary, these are usually to be avoided. You can ride along as you wish and if you see a side road you can go off and explore it.appreciate the scenery by cycling

Thirdly, if possible, commence a cycling tour. It seems time-consuming and demanding for sophisticated cycling skills and physical fitness but it’s the most rewarding. For driving tours, if two or more people travel by car, they must either all go in separate cars, in which case they can't readily interact, chat etc., and are likely to get separated in traffic. Or they go in just one car, but then they are condemned to stay together the whole (groan!) journey. One can't stop while the others continue, or nip off a bit of a different way. Also the whole time they are imprisoned in their seats, unable to move in a natural way. Also they are dependent on a technology which is well beyond their own engineering competence to fix. On the other hand, the costs of bike riding are trivial, and more than canceled out by the health benefits.

When you meet hills, do not think that it’s too hard to conquer. Just insist on cycling. Surely, You can breathe the fresh air and admire the most breathtaking scenery after a hard ride. Then you will not regret cycling for it. No matter how hard the ride is, everything seems to pay off when you sit on the couch and looking at the memorable pictures of the places you've been through.

appreciate the scenery by cycling

Last but not least, you can ask for advice from experienced cyclists or cycling websites to know the most beautiful places you can reach on the saddle. The indirect suggestions can ensure you of higher efficiency. If possible, find a companion. Riding solo continuously can, at times, get boring. In contrast, cycling with your family and friends can make the trip more interesting when you can talk along the way and share the beauty of nature together.

To sum up, what makes cycling amazing is: you're fast, you're challenging yourself, you learn the ways of the road and to be more respectful when you're driving your car. The scenery, seen at your own speed, and testing your limits make it all worthwhile. Higher speeds provide a significant cooling breeze and varying view that's interesting enough you can enjoy riding all day. Low load on the joints allows you to go as long as you make time for provided you stick to an appropriate intensity. It offers many great views and allows people to experience their environment in a completely different way compared to public transit, car, and walking. So what are you waiting for?