How to Choose top Cycling Shorts

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In spite of your bike not short of any component, and a helmet to protect your head, cycling shorts may be necessary for you to keep healthy. When you are cycling, they prevent you from saddle sores and chafing. What's more, choosing cycling shorts with high quality, you can get cycling more at ease.

If you think that cycling shorts are the same as triathlon shorts or compression shorts, here I have something different to tell you. The first, cycling shorts built with extra space to put obvious padding will make you more comfortable. The second, cycling shorts without so much compression part will relax your crotch and thighs. Even when you have been cycling for over 100 miles, you may just feel that you can still ride for more.

Main Features of the Best Cycling Shorts
When you have too many choices, you can follow the tips here to choose the right one for yourselves.

Designed for your need
There are some cycling shorts used for mountain riding more, some used for road riding, and the rest for long riding concerning patience. Of course, the one that fits you best will reach your need perfectly. So we have triathlon shorts and some universal shorts for you to use in many conditions.

It is no doubt that everything we do should be as much comfortable as possible, the same to cycling shorts. When you are content with the feeling your pad, leg grippers and stitching give you, it may be different to another people. Also, only if you choose the right one, you can buy the same shorts and don't need to consider about it anymore. Just try some different shorts, and you will get the one.

Seat Pad
The saddle area of cycling shorts is often made of chamois. In fact, chamois is a kind of napped cotton flannel blend and works like moleskin on the bottom, so that any friction existing between your body and bike seat is reduced to the minimum. A good seat pad means that it has few seams, and is in proper thickness. Then you can keep on feeling comfortable with it to ride for a longer time.  Make sure that your seat pad is comfortable enough for your long rides. Cycling with a pretty seat pad will decrease the issues on health and function of male cyclists.

Leg Grip
One of the differences between cheap cycling shorts and the one which is more expensive is in the leg grip. You may throw them away quickly when you have bought a leg grip with bad quality. Imagine that you are rubbed by the grip in a wrong way while it makes a rough group in your leg. It is because your legs are going up and down about 50 times every minute with a bad leg grip. So it is necessary to choose a grip of right tightness.

If you feel confused when facing many choices of features, here we have some tips for you. The best cycling shorts are supposed to be at least 8 inches on the inseam. Such shorts will prevent you from the sun more. Meanwhile, they can work as the additional armor to keep you free from a tree, a cyclist or anything else that catches on you. Also, it would be better if you buy the shorts with two pockets or at least one, so that you can carry gel packs or your litter. Of course, you can just put several dollars in the pocket in case of emergency need. As for the rest of features, you can follow up a bib style and the design. Many cyclists simply wear black shorts. If you are a cyclist who wants to lead a more active cycling life, you may try the possibilities as many as possible.

How important the construction quality is to cycling shorts is as much as how the build quality is to your cycling gear. If you buy the ones with reliable and touch material, then you get the right quality of construction. With strong stitching flat against your skin, you will be able to wash or wear them for a lot of times. Don’t you think it will save money for you?

What Should Be in Your Cycling Shorts
The first, the waistline had better be flexible enough to fit for many cycling postures. When you are standing, seated and so on, your cycling shorts should make you comfortable.

The second, the stitching should be flat and smooth when you touch it, so the rubbing won't be too much. You should buy a pair of cycling shorts with right stitching.

The third, the seams of a chamois pad in your cycling shorts should not be noticeable, or they may chafe you. When you use a chamois pad for long riding, you'd better choose a thinner pad. For triathlon or duathlon training, you'd better choose a much thinner pad.

The fourth, the fabric needs to be durable while stretching in several directions. If you spend more on cycling shorts, you will get more fabric for the blend of toughness and flexibility.

Finally, leg grip of cycling shorts should be firm and smooth. A rigid spot may cause your chafing while cycling.

Some Cycling Shorts We Favor
According to our experience in the past, we have some favorable cycling shorts for you. Because bib-style shorts are often used by hardcore cyclists, we don’t recommend that kind of shorts. What we are going to recommend will fit for average weekend athletes. In spite of the price range and intended use, you will be able to find the right one in what we recommend below.

4ucyling Multifunctional Cool Powerflex Compression Shorts with Removable Cushion ($9.99)

Do you want to go out with a pair of cycling shorts for riding and running in your leisure time?  4ucycling can make it available to you. With multifunctional compression shorts that are made from high elastic fabrics, you can keep on feeling comfortable after long, long riding. And it can absorb your sweat and evaporate it quickly. Of course, the effect will not be reduced even after many times of laundering. The cushion in high density and 3D design is breathable. You can remove it by the humanized design of openings, at the same time you get a pair of ordinary sports shorts. You will feel very cool with the shorts while cycling or doing sports. What we design are for what riders need.

4ucycling Women's 5" Pocket Performance Shorts ($9.99)

Women, here we have a kind of cycling shorts which are specially designed for you! The trousers are made of soft and lightweight fabric to make them comfortable. Elastic waistband makes it easy for you to dress. 4ucycling have designed the special patch for your thighs and back to help you keep cool and dry while cycling or running. At the same time, the left zippered pocket and special band design in the right pocket will let your hands feel free while cycling. And you have more storage to put your belongings. You can see different color patches which make the trousers more vibrant and stylish on both sides. Further, fluorescent reflective stripes on front and back help you to be safer at night.


4ucycling 3D Padded bike Underwear Shorts - Breathable, Lightweight, Men & Women ($8.99 - $11.99)

If you feel uncomfortable on most bicycle seats, here we strongly recommend you to furnish yourself with a pair of 3D Padded bike underwear shorts. 4ucycling has designed very thin and lightweight underwear shorts with 3D stitched cushioned pad so that the wind resistance is minimized and you can wear them without bulk. Our shorts made from polyester can not only relieve hip pain but also improve sweat transfer in a long cycling. You will enjoy the riding most with our premium, professional and breathable shorts!


4ucycling 3D Silicon Gel Padded bike Underwear Shorts - Breathable, Lightweight, Men & Women ($10.99 - $11.99)

Would you like to possess a pair of soft shorts during a long riding? Here we have a perfect choice for you. Besides the characters of padded bike underwear shorts above, this kind of shorts is made of silicon gel. Still, you will keep being dry and feel comfortable with the soft trousers which work for your best performance.

Now you see, our recommendations are all good choices. You can choose one that fits for you best, and you can be comfortable for years because of them. If you find cheaper shorts and hesitate, look at the difference between our quality, what we sell is specifically designed for average riders, whether you ride for long miles or not. You just need to try our shorts for one time, then you will not need to consider about how to choose right shorts for yourself anymore!