How to install and maintain grips 

Posted by tan xiao yan on

How to install the grips on mountain bike handlebars? It is a much simple job to do. And how often you need to it would depend on the type of riding you are doing, how much you are riding your bike and also the compound of the grip that you are using. But it will be fairly obvious just from looking at it when it needs replacing tools that you need for the job.

Well, something long and thin likes this. That can go down between the grip and the handlebar itself and some spray to help loosen it while lightening clean street. But of course other manufactures make a similar product if you have not got something like this. You can try using air spray or even a deodorant, the idea being it will evaporate after you have used it. Don’t use a lubricant because if you do it, it won’t evaporate when you put the new grip on. It’s likely to start slipping around the handlebars.

First thing that we need to do is get a bar end plug off. Now quite often you will be able to get your fingertips behind it and pull it out if not it’s quite tight. Just use a tool to get you started and pries it away. Next thing you need to do get your tool and put it down the grip being as smooth as you can. Get it down an inch at least a few centimeters so you can pull the grip away and got room to spray in.

You start to feel and see at the end of the grip. It’s turning mighty to get until the second time and just go a little bit further in if you can. It becomes much easier the second time. Once it started to come away from the bar. Oh almost there not the spray should gradually go down towards the inner end of the grip and then gradually you can pries it away.

Repeat the same steps on the other side to take the other grip off and then when it comes to replacing then with new ones. You spray again the grease of whatever you are using plenty over the handlebars on the inside of the grip as well and it should go on very easily but because it will evaporate after a couple of minutes this should be fairly solid again but before it goes side. Make sure that you have got the grip in lines. You have got any graphics or logos on there. They are straight then you can leave it to set. Then all that remains to do is to put the bar in plug again and again. If it’s got a graphic you want to be really detailed make sure it’s up the right way.