How to Install Bar Ends

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Here will show you the installation of bar end shifter

The first thing you want to do is take your brake and ship shifters and slide them in so you just loosen the clamps.

Installing bar ends

This section is going to show you how to put bar ends on your bike, bar in bolts to the end of your handlebar. In order for that happen, you need a portion of your handlebar exposed so you have to slide the grip the brake lever and the shift lever over just a little bit to determine how much you have to slide everything over. You want to measure how wide the bar end is across here which is the clamping part. So you just get a ruler, you measure the width. So you want to slide everything here over a half-inch to do that.

The first thing, you want to remove the grip, remove the end plug first so you can just reach in with your hand and yank it off or if you need to pry with a screwdriver but remove the plug. Just put a screwdriver under the edge of the grip. Push it through, get some white lightning, spray it under the grip, and wiggle the screwdriver around a little; and just twist the grip and you can take it off.

Next, you need an Allen wrench and you are going to slide everything over a half of an inch. So you want to move the inner portion first so you can move it until the gap between the two between the brake and the shift lever is a half an inch. Don’t make it tight just snug it up a little bit, reason being is you have to adjust where they are, and you can’t do that too you sit on the bike.

Next, loosen the brake lever you slide that over the half inch, just lug that up again.

Now you have to put your grip back on, so get your white lightning again to spray the bar to clean it. Get a rag to wipe it down. And get your hairspray to spray inside the grip and the handlebar; slide the grip on until it hits the brake lever and now you have enough room here for your bar end.

Next, you get your bar in and then slip over that space that you just created. Get your Allen wrench and tighten it up.

In order to adjust this, the bike has to be on the ground, and you want to sit on the bike. What you are looking for is when your hand is on the bar you want your hand to fall at a natural angle. If this bar end is up too high for you, you want your hand to be more out like relaxed, you have to loosen this up, slide it forward some. Remember that, neither you have to be too far forward, nor too far back, just falling on a nice natural position. After that, tighten up the bar end.

Next, you want to adjust how far the brake levers like the rotation of the lever on the bar.

Then sit back up on the bike and ensure that fall naturally on your hand.don’t need to be too far down where when you brake you have to reach for it. Just fall comfortably.

Then tighten it up. make your shift lever rotate until it stops, tighten that up. you will do the same thing on the side, just match them up when you look across.

Note: if you don’t have what they called rapid fire shifters.