How to remove and install road stem and bar for threadless headset

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This article is going to show you how to remove and install road stem and bar for thread less headset.

About the handlebars

The tools you will need for this is you are going to need an allen wrech to fit the stem clamp bolts or the handlebar clamp bolts here on the front. In this case, this is a 4 millimeter allen wrech. So I am going to grab them a four millimeter allen wrech and all you do is just you loosen up these four bolts right here .And really you want to remove them you want to loosen and remove them this last bolt when you remove this last bullet. Be careful because everything is going to come out all at once just like that it’s going to come out faceplates going to come out and the handlebar come out. That is how you remove the handlebar.

Okay, now to reinstall the handlebar. What you want to make sure y this surface is very clean. You want to make sure the handlebar clamping area which is usually going to be there will be some sort of little mark usually on the handlebars where the center of the bar is you want to make sure that is real clean and you want to make sure the inside of face plate is clean too. Now if you are using carbon handlebars, you need to put some a light coating of carbon paste on the stem and on the handlebar before you mount it up. This will provide a little bit of extra grip when you mount the handlebars.

Now reinstall this part. Just kind of set your handlebar in there. It doesn’t have to be perfect starting out. You will be able to fine-tune its position here in a minute right before we reinstall these in the bolts in this faceplate on the stem. You want to put a little bit of grease on the threads of the stem. So I have got a little grease here and you don’t need a whole lot. Just a little bit and then put your plate on and just kind of hand tighten the screw in to get your other screws and just kind of snug them in just get them started the main thing. You don’t want to do is cross thread these and then get your allen wrech and snug them down a little bit more sort of things kind of tight but you still want to be able to move your handlebar around you want to be able to move your handlebar back and forth a little bit. The main thing is just get this centerpiece in the center of the stem. We are going to tighten this down just kind of snug it down a little bit because we are going to adjust the angle of the bar this way.

About the stem

I will show you how to replace a threadless type stem. You need some tools. The hit wrenches depending on stem. I need both six millimeter five millimeters first. Go ahead and remove the front part of the stem that holds on the handlebars mine has four screws. So I will go ahead and loosen those four screws first. Let’s pull that off and let the handlebars hang down goes aside for the moment.

Okay next part, move this little cap here and that is a five millimeter so go ahead and pull that. Pull that little cap off set that aside. Now I just want to loosen. There are two screws on. There go ahead and loose, just loosen those. I don’t need to remove them just need to loosen them and then I can go ahead and slide the stem off and I can go out either replace it or I could just take the same stem. Just put it up upside down if I want a completely different angle stems come in different lengths and different angles. If you are buying a new stem, you also want to make sure that the front part matches your particular handlebars. In this case, I don’t really care I am pretty happy with the position so I am just going ahead put this back on. So I just slide that back on before they tighten those screws. I want to go ahead and put the little cap back on and I want to tighten that down that is another I tighten snug that down. And you don’t want to over tighten this.

This holds attention down onto the bearings so you don’t want it too hot tight or too loose. So you just kind of want snug that up for the moment and can play with the adjustment on that a little bit later. If we go ahead and tighten this down, make sure the things roughly straight with the front wheel. Tighten that for now you always tweak that later. Put the handlebars back on. Put the screw in by hand. Snug these up a little bit. Just the handlebars tour how you want them. Snug these then go ahead and tighten them. Sur thing straight and there you are done.