Is it Necessary to Wear Cycling Jerseys?

Posted by tan xiao yan on

It is a common question that whether it is necessary to wear cycling jerseys? There are two reasons for not wearing cycling jerseys. The first one is that there is no need to wear it because you are not a professional cyclist; the second one is that those jerseys are so colorful. Nevertheless, cycling jerseys are essential things for keen cyclists and they think it’s necessary to wear it when in cycling.

Just as swimming, you would wear the swimming trunk as it can greatly reduce underwater resistance. Besides, it can attract the attention of other’s people. Well, do you think it is theatrical to wear a swimming trunk when swimming? Those people who don’t wear one should be the ones who feel embarrassing because everyone can see their knickers at the moment they get into the water. All people know the main function of swimwear is to avoid being lucid when under the water.

Meanwhile, cycling jerseys can reduce efficiently the wind resistance. But the most important function of it is to bind your muscles and help to perspire. It is made of special fabric and it can bring your sweat on the epidermis to the surface of the clothes through the special fiber. In this way, it can speed up the process of sweat’s evaporation to achieve dry cycling. Common fast day clothes can’t realize this special way of perspiration. That’s why most cycling jerseys are expensive.

Maybe you find it OK to ride for tens of kilometers in wearing common clothes. But what happens when you ride for hundreds of kilometers? It does make a big difference. Moreover, there are three deep pockets on the rear side of cycling jerseys. You can put your phone and your wallet on them. Considering the riding motion, the pockets are designed behind the back. You will find it more convenient than those pockets of common clothes when you put some snacks and money on it.

Furthermore, although the styles and colors of cycling jerseys are theatrical, it also brings you benefits because it is striking so that the drivers can see you from a long distance easily. Some jerseys even have reflective stripes behind so even in the dark drivers can also see you clearly.

Owing to cycling, understand life.